CFR SCCA Perfomance Driving Experience

PDX's are mostly for street driven and tagged cars that are classified in the lower Solo categories such as Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared or Street Mod and GCR classes Showroom Stock, Spec Miata, Touring, or Improved Touring. No open-wheeled cars will be permitted nor will two driver cars. You must be 18 years old to enter. Race drivers running cars in the specified GCR classes are, of course, welcome if they wish to do some testing.

Basically, for street driven and tagged vehicles, the race safety requirements have been waived and a minimum of a Snell M2000 helmet, long sleeve shirts, long pants, with shoes covering the entire foot are all that is required. OEM shoulder/seat belts are OK. Convertibles, targa top and t-top vehicles have a little more safety requirements and those requirements can be found in the Time Trials Rules online. As a matter of fact, before anyone registers, they should go to, Club Racing, Rules and Cars, Time Trial Rules and then PDX and read all about how the PDX is run and how the safety rules might apply to you and your car.

Registration is now open on the DLB website and the specific event information is there along with the entry form.

We expect to give 4 sessions each day of about 20 minutes duration per session. So, if you have any interest, don't delay as we expect these two days to fill up quickly. Each day's entry fee will be $90.00, if you are signed off, $140.00 if you are a novice.

More information can be provided by Tim Reardon: or Art Trier: