The PDX schedule was corrected on the basis of equality. It was mentioned/realized a few days ago that the schedule for the June race/PDX gave a total track time of 80 minutes to PDXers for $90.00 while the racers were only allotted 85 minutes of track time for an entry fee of $205.00. This was an oversight on our part when the schedule was derived.

When we "piggyback" with the race schools, PDXers pay half the entry fee that the race students do and we get half the available track time. Our priority is to keep the entry fees at the lowest level possible, but track time is a valuable commodity for all CFR members and the time out on the track has to be reasonably relative to the entry fee that is offered. We try to be fair to all of those CFR members who place a dollar value on that track time.

This general policy has to be applied for the race events that we piggyback on too. If the racers get 85 minutes, then the PDXers should get about 40 minutes for about half the price, not the 80 minutes that were originally scheduled in error. Following a policy of fairness in entry fees, in order to get the original 80 minutes of track time, the entry fee for PDXers should have been somewhere about $150.00 considering all the costs to the region associated with both programs.

There were two corrective choices: raise the PDX price to about $150.00 or slightly cut some time from the PDX schedule. The latter seemed to be the lesser of two evils and that is why the schedule was corrected. It was just a matter of fairness and correcting an oversight on the region's part.

If you are on the fence about continuing to participate in the June PDX, you can withdraw and request a refund. We would hope that you do not do that and take into consideration what I have just told you. The PDX program has to exist within the cost of running these events while sharing track time equally. We can not, unfortunately, stand alone. Therefore, we must be fair to all and as such, pay the appropriate costs or limit our track time. In this particular case, I believe that the loss of 5 minutes of track time per session was a very minor concession on our part to get things somewhat back in line. With a total of 60 minutes of track time, we are still getting a really good deal for the entry fee asked.