Sebring Double Points Event

Well folks; the Sebring "Double Points / Double Participation" event is in the books, and it was a great one. Thanks to a portion of each entry, separate donations, and a CFR SCCA Solo match of the separate donations, our total donation to the GoFundMe for the family of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf will be $500. A very worthy cause for the memory of a member of our SCCA Solo community.

The points have been tallied and all of the results are up. Note that to achieve the "Double Points / Double Entry" for the Sebring, in the year end points and year end PAX results, you will see that Sebring 10/16/16 event has been included twice as Event #17 and Event #18.

Season Points Information

Registration for the Deland Event #19 for November 20, 2016 has been opened on DlbRacing.com. This is the last event of the season for the Central Florida Region SCCA Solo Points Championship.

And a couple of announcements regarding the Year End Championships:

Even though our last event will be Deland, Event #19, we in fact have only had 17 events as Event #4 and Event #11 were cancelled and show as no results. At 17 events, we will be requiring 9 events to qualify for a year end trophy, and anything over that and your worst events will be thrown out to give you a total of 9 counting events.

So if you have participated in only 8 events in a class so far this year, Deland Event #19 is your last opportunity to qualify for a year end trophy.

Also, note that we will be giving trophies to the top three (and only three) qualifying drivers in each class.

And lastly, since at this point nobody will be able to achieve the required 9 events to qualify for year end trophies in the "X" class, we will instead be handing out trophies for the top three qualifiers in the PAX Championship.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Annual Banquet!

Sebring 10/15,16
Very Important Announcement!

It turns out that there has been a mix-up with Sebring regarding our usage of the sight on Saturday 10/15. And as a consequence, we will not be able to have the Saturday portion of our event.

The Sunday 10/16 points event is still on as planned, and it will still be a charity event for the benefit of the family of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf (see my earlier post). This event will now be a "Double Points" event, and will count as two events participation.

The primary reason for changing the now cancelled Saturday event from a practice event to a points event was to enable more folks to qualify for year end trophies, particularly due to the loss of the 10/30 Brooksville event. With the Saturday event cancelled, awarding double points and double participation will allow more people to qualify for end of year trophies.

For those that have prepaid for the Saturday event, refunds will be initiated for the fee for the Saturday event as soon as this post is posted. Of course, for anybody that has prepaid and cannot or does not attend the Sunday event, a full refund will be initiated. As usual, we ask that if you are not going to attend, please cancel your registration on DlbRacing.

One other thought: Also effected by the mix-up is the Saturday night social, which will not be held in the paddock area, but will be held at the Bill Martin building (the SCCA building at Gate 3 of Sebring).

Sorry for any inconvenience that this late adjustment may have caused.

See you this Sunday in Sebring!

SEBRING! Major Announcements!

As we have cancelled the Brooksville 10/30/16 points event due to a schedule conflict with the airport, we have decided that the October Sebring event will be a Points Saturday(Cancelled!), Double Points Sunday, still a double points weekend. That is, two separate "points" events in one day.

Remember, the SCCA Social (in the 12 hour paddock "Hall of Champions") is effected by the above change, see announcement above. There will be free food, free "soft" beverages, and free "adult" beverages (for adults only!).

Additionally, the Humane Society of Highlands County, Sebring, will be presenting its annual TERROR TRAIL, PHOBIA! on Friday and Saturday evening right across the street from Sebring International Raceway. Park at Gate 3 Sebring Raceway. Entry is only $15. This event is not intended for small children! Call 863-214-6508 for info.

Finally, we have decided to make the two day, now one day, Sebring event a charity event, with the designated charity being for the benefit of the family (wife and 6 month old baby son) of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf, who as you may have heard passed away on September 11th, 2016 from non-competition injuries he sustained while at the 2016 SCCA Solo Nationals Championship at Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a start, we will be donating $6 from each participant entry fee (i.e., $12 for a two day entry). We will also provide an additional $4 times the number of entry fees as matching funds, for the matching of all funds donated at the event. That is we will be donating $6 minimum per entry, up to a total of $10 times the number of entries, matching all additional donations.

If we have time for fun runs after the competition days, we will also collect $2 per fun run which will also be included in our donation to the Rosco family.

For those who are not familiar with Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf,

Here is a link to the GoFundMe Account for his wife and son.

And here is a link to the Official SCCA Statement

Any checks for donations to the wife and son of Tony Rietdorf to be donated at the event should be made out to "CFR SCCA" as the total donation will be made through the club. If you wish to donate directly to the family, we encourage you to use the GoFundMe link given above for that purpose. We will only be able to provide match funds, however, for funds that are donated through CFR SCCA at the October Sebring event.

Brooksville Event Cancelled(10/30/16)
A miscommunication between us and the Brooksville Officials has resulted in them scheduling a "Florida Agriculture and Wildlife Expo" for that weekend.
Timing Issues at OCCC
Okay Folks! The errors from this past Sundays event have been all sorted, and the results are posted, as well as the updates to the Yearly and Yearly PAX results. The issue was a human error (can not blame the software or the hardware), but was easy to correct; albeit very time consuming. It basically effected almost the entire 3rd heat. If you are a trophy winner, look for an email from Steve Marcum in the near future regarding whether you want a trophy or a punch card. NOTE: For classes that have more than 3 trophies, we only award 3 trophies for individual events.
Schedule Changes

As you may have already deduced, we have moved the Deland event from August 21st to July 24th, mainly so we would not have Deland and OCCC on back-to-back weekends in August; but also so we could have an event in an otherwise empty July. And as previously noted, registration is now open for that event.

We have also added an event at Brooksville on Sunday August 7th in Brooksville and registration is open for that event as well. Note that Brooksville has its usual early registration requirements... If you have not been there, or you have a guest that has not been there with CFR SCCA in the past year, you need to register yourself and any guests by Thursday, July 28th so that we can have your name on the advance "list" that we are required to turn in to Brooksville. If you and your guest(s) have been (and your names are on the list), registration will be open till Thursday, August 4th.

Also, registration for our August 27th, 28th event at Orange County Convention Center is open.

Furthermore, stay tuned, as we have some more announcements coming, including one more event in August...

Online registration is required for all CFR SCCA Solo events. Prepayment is also recommended as it makes your morning check-in go much quicker, and generally makes for a smoother running event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Out of consideration for every competitor that makes it to the event, if you are preregistered and find you are not going to make the event, PLEASE cancel your registration via DlbRacing.com prior to closure of online registration (usually the Thursday before the event). This is whether you have prepaid or not. If you simply do not show up on the morning of the event, we can not use the event pre-planning (# of heats, run/work order, and work assignments) that we have already setup prior to the event. And that means we have to re-do this planning and that cannot commence until AFTER on-site registration/check-in is closed. This time consuming task then delays when we can do the Drivers Meeting, which delays the first car out, and ultimately means less runs for each and every driver.

For registration, go to DlbRacing.com.
In the

We have opened a "Test-N-Tune" event on www.dlbracing.com for Saturday, August 6th, at Brooksville. You must preregister and prepay for this, as the attendance will be strictly limited to 30 people to insure everyone gets plenty of "Test-N-Tune" time. We will be using sector timing, and the course will be designed specifically for "Test-N-Tune" purposes.

Being Brooksville, it has the usual Brooksville requirement for advance registration imposed on us by the Brooksville officials.

Also, as for registration, this is being handled as a separate event than the August 7th, Brooksville points event.

See www.dlbracing.comfor more info regarding this event.
Tire Rack Street Survival School
If you have a teenage driver that you would like to be a safer driver, Central Florida Region SCCA, in conjunction with Tire Rack and BMW will be offering a "Tire Rack Street Survival School" (TRSSS) on Saturday, September 17th at Daytona International Speedway. For Details and Registration (registration will NOT be at dlbracing for TRSSS) go to "http://streetsurvival.org/".
Valkaria event scheduled on 6/25/16 has been Cancelled!
As some of you have surely noticed, the DlbRacing.com registration for our planned June 25th Valkaria event has not yet been opened. Well, the truth of the matter is we have been delaying opening registration while waiting for a confirmation of the date from the Valkaria Officials. Due to non-related to us issues that they are in the process of working out, they are not going to be able to host us for this event.

So officially, the 6/25/2016 Valkaria event is without a home and will be cancelled.

They do not believe this will effect our future plans with them, though, so we are looking for dates that work well for both our calendars.

We are also looking into some other events in the late June and July time frame. Meanwhile, we have our upcoming 6/5/16 event at Brooksville. Right now, we are past the date for "SCCA Newcomers" to the Brooksville site, but if you have participated in an SCCA Brooksville event in the past year, you are still welcome to register. By the way, the Brooksville event is at an awesome site; very long, and very grippy concrete. So we enthusiastically encourage you to come on out!

Furthermore, stay tuned regarding future Valkaria events, as well as some potential other events in June and July.

Daytona May 7,8 CFR SCCA Event and SCCA STARTING LINE SCHOOL May 7
We have been granted access to the HUGE parking lot that runs along the back stretch at Daytona International Speedway for our Daytona events. As to "Huge"ť, the available space - not counting grid and paddock space, is as big as our old Geneva main pad (same size as our old Palm Bay pad, Fort Pierce pad, and Tavares pad), the entire OCCC pad, and the DIS Go Kart track area COMBINED!

This site will allow unprecedented course design options for us, including the potential for Nationals Style elements that no other CFR site allows for, as well as run times greater than a minute. Far greater if desired. The site is big enough that it could potentially be used for National Tours, and - dare I say it - SCCA Pro Solos! We are going to get in there and try it as a local event first, though, before we make any decisions regarding anything "bigger"ť.

The site is big enough, that we can hold - in effect - two events at the same time, which we are going to take advantage of by offering both a Starting Line School as well as a CFR SCCA practice event on Saturday, May 7th. The Starting Line School is an amazing opportunity to get autocross instruction from some of the best autocross instructors in the country. Several items are included in the Starting Line Package on top of the day long expert instruction, making a great motorsport value. Go to http://www.scca.com/pages/starting-line for the complete run down, and go to http://www.scca.com/events/1984366-starting-line-daytona for the registration link for this particular event at Daytona.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register for the SCCA Starting Line School by 4/20/16, in addition to the full day of expert instruction and otherwise valuable Starting Line School package, you will get a bonus of an event entry to an SCCA Track Night In America, which alone is worth $150.

This site is accessed differently than the DIS Go Kart track. For the CFR SCCA Practice and Points events, as well as the Starting Line School, you will basically be driving behind the DIS stadium between the stadium and the airport, and access the site via DIS Gate 70 off of "Midway Avenue". Midway Avenue runs between Williamson Blvd, and International Speedway Blvd. At Gate 70, you will sign the waiver and get a wrist band to give you access to the autocross site, as well as the main stadium via DIS Gate 40. There you can watch the Club Racers, or access the Fan Zone. If desired, you will be allowed to camp in the infield for free, or for $20 if you want electric hook-ups. You will not be allowed to camp on the pad where we will be autocrossing, but you will be able to leave your cars/trailers/stuff at the site at your own risk. The site is completely fenced, though, and can only be accessed via gates manned by DIS security staff 24/7.

If you are already registered for the May 7,8 Daytona event, and had your heart absolutely set on the DIS Go Kart track, and you do not want to take the opportunity to run on potentially the best site available in the CFR area, then you can cancel your registration and you will be given a full Credit Card refund. We will be seeking your input - AFTER THE EVENT IS COMPLETED - on what you as our members/participants think of this new site. We look forward to in the future holding events both on this site, as well as the Go Kart track.

Also, if you have already registered for the May 7,8 Daytona event, and would like to attend the Starting Line School, then go to http://www.scca.com/events/1984366-starting-line-daytona register for the school, and cancel your registration for the May 7,8 event on http://www.dlbracing.com/. You will be given a full credit card refund as well, and as part of the Starting Line school, you get a free entry to any of our local events (as well as a lot of other goodies) which if you so desire can be used for our May 8th event.

To Wrap It Up, this site will potentially open up a lot of opportunities for us. In particular, course design flexibility unlike any other site that we have, courses of unprecedented run times for us, and the potential for running two events simultaneously. This includes (if the site and lots of other things work out) the possibility of future SCCA National Tour and/or Pro Solo events. Additionally, DIS has offered the use of this site to CFR SCCA to use even when the CFR SCCA Club Racers are not using the stadium, although it is at a higher cost, and the financial viability of that still needs to be evaluated.

Here is a picture of the site that shows the ingress/egress path, possible paddock, grid, and course area. I have overlaid the outlines of the Geneva main pad, the OCCC North Lot, and the DIS Go Kart track on the potential/available course area showing just how big this site is.


Valkaria June 25
The Valkaria site will be an interesting site that we can use in the South Brevard area. It is grippy asphalt, and a very long site, albeit narrow. We have not made any firm decisions as to exactly how we are going to lay the course out - probably will depend on the # registered - but we have several options that are available to us. We are definitely going to be able to accommodate more paddock and grid space than we used for our trial event, so we believe we can comfortably accommodate 80 to 100 participants at this site. For the time being, our Valkaria events will be limited to the third Saturday of the month on the occasions we use this site. Right now, we are firm on the schedule for June 25th, but we are looking to find another date sometime after September.
OCCC Aug 27, 28
The OCCC event currently shown as tentative for July 9,10 has been moved to Aug 27, 28. That is now a firm date. Aug 27 will be a practice event, and Aug 28 will be a points event.
Daytona TRSSS Sep 17
There will be a Tire Rack Street Survival School (TRSSS) held on Sep 17 on the infield "Truck Pad" and "Skid Pad" as well as the media center for class room work. Registration for the TRSSS is NOT handled via our normal registration method.

For more information on TRSSS, go to http://streetsurvival.org

To register for the Sep 17, 2016 Daytona TRSSS, go to www.motorsportreg.com

Refunds Policy Change
We have decided to change our Refund Policy to one that is much more "friendly" to our members/participants.

Our current policy was instituted to try to get folks to cancel their registration rather than just "no-show". While we still would like to encourage people to register online, and cancel their registration rather than just "no-show", we have decided that it is not in the best interests of our members/participants to not give refunds when they "no-show". In practice, we have been giving refunds - event credit or credit card refund - to all the no shows as well as the cancels simply because it seemed like the right thing to do.

The new policy is going to follow that model (i.e., the right thing to do), unless the event has a hard cap, and that cap is met. So, assuming there is no cap or the cap is not met, we will give full refunds for both cancellations, as well as "no-shows". If there is a hard cap and the cap is met, you will get a refund if you cancel, but if you are a no-show, you will not get a refund as you have in effect reserved a spot that someone else could have used, but could not. This should not be a situation that arises often, as we have generally been keeping our hard caps pretty high, and we have not been hitting them.

In addition to this, for the future, we are going to by default issue credit card refunds as opposed to event credits. This is a change as currently, we issue event credits by default, and only issue a credit card refund if a specific request is made to cfrsolo2@gmail.com. In the future, event credits on DlbRacing.com will only be utilized for various special situations that cannot be handled easily by credit card refund. Note: This is a future going policy: We are not going to wipe the existing event credits that are in the DlbRacing.com "vault" so to speak, and we are not going to turn existing event credits into credit card refunds. If you currently have event credits, they will be available for your future use as needed at checkout on DlbRacing.com.

We believe these changes will better and more fairly serve our members and participants. But note that we still would like to encourage ALL folks to cancel their registrations if they can not make it, rather than just not show up. FWIW, that really makes event setup a lot (and I mean A LOT) easier in so many different ways.

Guest Registration at Brooksville

There currently is no known way via DlbRacing.com for a guest to register at Brooksville, independently of being registered by a driver, and then, only when that driver registers.

This has caused some of our members some issues in the past, and we are going to now allow guest registration via e-mail. So if you have a guest, or would like to attend a Brooksville event as a guest, you can accomplish this now outside of DlbRacing.com by sending an e-mail to cfrsolo2@gmail.com with "GUEST REGISTRATION" and the date of the event, "mm/dd/yyyy", in the subject line, with the name of the guest or guests in the text of the message. We will try to acknowledge each guest registration via a reply e-mail. There is no need or request to "un-register" guests, as guests really have no impact on setup of the event.

Note that the "10-day" list policy that we have to abide by with the Brooksville Officials still applies. That is, both DRIVERS AND ALL GUESTS MUST BE REGISTERED 10 DAYS PRIOR TO the day of the event (usually, two Thursdays prior to the Sunday event). This is to allow us to submit the potential on-site names to the Brooksville Officials 10 days in advance per their requirement.

Daytona Sep 18
To replace the cancelled EFSC event of Sep 18, we will have a points event at Daytona on Sep 18th. Right now, we are going to plan for this to be on the DIS Go Kart track.
Daytona Sep 18
On-Site Payments at Brooksville
The required credit card payment at Brooksville is a remnant of the time when we had the hard limit (imposed by Brooksville) of 60 folks on site. Since we have been able to mitigate this hard limit by hiring a security officer, there really is no longer a need for this policy. Accordingly, we have decided to eliminate the Credit Card payment in advance requirement policy at Brooksville to bring it more in line with all our other events.

This will not apply for our coming April 17th event, but will apply for all future events. Within DlbRacing.com, you will have an "At Track" option just like all of our other events.

Note: the 10 day advance registration policy will still be in effect, as that is a requirement for our contract with the Brooksville Officials.

Also note, that we encourage pre-payment!

Event Cancellations at Deland and EFSC
The Mar 20, 2016 Deland event has been cancelled due to a conflict with the 2016 Tire Rack Dixie Championship Tour. We will try to find room in our schedule later in the year to make this event up.

The Jun 26, 2016 EFSC and Sep 18 EFSC events have been cancelled due to an unplanned policy change which has forced the EFSC officials to cease hosting these sorts of events. The EFSC officials are working with us to assist us in finding other venues, and we hope to find suitable sites and dates to make up for these cancelled events.

New Site Proposed at Valkaria Airport
On Feb 20, 2016, CFR SCCA hosted a limited invitation Solo event at the Valkaria Airport in Malabar, Fl. in order to test the viability of using this site for future CFR SCCA Solo events. We ran on a very good surfaced asphalt runway (closed for the day), which provided for a relatively long course (i.e., most runs greater than 66 seconds), albeit fairly narrow. The results for this non-points event have been added to our 2016 Results page. The event ran very well, and has received generally positive reviews from the attendees, as well as positive feedback from the Valkaria Airport officials. We are in discussions regarding future 2016 events using this site. Stay tuned for more updates!
Registration closure date for the 1/10/16 event
The registration closure date for the 1/10/16 event has been extended to 11:00 PM January 7, 2016 for any driver that participated in a 2015 CFR SCCA Brooksville event. But if you have not attended a CFR SCCA Event at Brooksville in the past year, you MUST STILL` REGISTER by 11:00 PM December 31, 2015.
Brooksville on Nov 29th is CANCELLED - Points requirements adjusted
Due to scheduling conflicts, our final scheduled Brooksville event of the season on November 29th has been cancelled. In addition, the trophy rules have been amended to require a minimum of 9 events to qualify for class points trophy (including X-Class/PAX).

Sebring is ON!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped rustle the bushes and get our pre-registrations going. We asked for 80, and got 91 (so far). Yes DLB only shows 62, but that does not count those who registered for both days... when you add that in, we have reached our goal. The weather is looking GORGEOUS for the weekend so we are looking forward to an excellent couple of days on the Sebring Concrete!

SPREAD THE WORD ... Sebring is in danger of being cancelled
Sebring is in danger of being cancelled due to low registration numbers. We need to get our registrations up to 80 by Wednesday 10/14 to keep the event from being cancelled. We are currently at 40, so we need 40 more. These can be for Saturday OR Sunday (or both), but we just need the total number of drivers to be at 80. Invite your friends!!! Also please note that since we are banking on this minimum number to move forward with the event, we will NOT be offering refunds or credits for no-shows. If we do cancel the event we will issue refunds or credits per driver preference.

November 22nd Event Venue Changed to EFSC
Due to the unavailability of the Geneva site for future Solo/Autocross events, our November 22nd event has changed venues to EFSC in Palm Bay. The schedule has been updated and DLB will be open soon.

June 28th Event Venue Changed to EFSC
Heads up... due to site issues, our June 28th event at Geneva (Seminole State College) has been changed to EFSC in Palm Bay. The schedule will be updated soon and DLB will be open soon as well.

Corner Worker School May 16 & 17
Anyone interested in learning about working corners and training for their safety, this would be a great opportunity. We will be discussing and demonstrating flagging, communications and safety when working turns. It is an easy weekend. Check Here for details.
Daytona Sunday is SOLD OUT - Saturday still available
Please note that our Sunday 5/3 event at Daytona International Speedway is sold out. However, there is still space available to register for the Saturday event.

Updated Brooksville Pre-Registration Policy
We are trying something new at our Brooksville site regarding registration requirements and the entry cap. The site-imposed restriction of requiring a list of drivers & guests 10-days prior to the event remains in effect (2/26 @11PM for the 3/8 event), but we are now allowed to submit a super-set list of potential drivers. Therefore if you've attended a CFR event at Brooksville in 2015 as a driver or a guest, you will be on this list. If you have NOT attended a CFR Brooksville event in 2015, you must register before the 10-day deadline. Our event listing for March 8th has been updated as follows:

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to site restrictions from the Airport, all drivers and guests who have not attended an SCCA Event at Brooksville in 2015 must pre-register and pre-pay for this event no later than Thursday, February 26th. There will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. Drivers must register using the "Registration" link below. Drivers, you must register your guests in DLB as you register for the event.

NEW REGISTRATION POLICY, CFR SCCA is trying something new:

(1) The event cap has been raised to 100 drivers and there is no longer a cap on guests (they must still be on the list).

(2) If you have attended a Brooksville event this year (IOW, you were on the gate list), you must still register online, but you can register as late as the Thursday prior to the event.

(3) If you register online AFTER the 10-days prior cut-off AND YOU WERE NOT ALREADY ON THE GATE LIST, your registration WILL BE DELETED and you will NOT BE PERMITTED to enter the gate.

Online Registration Required for ALL CFR Solo events
Please note that due to popular demand and large turnouts, ALL future CFR Solo events require online registration at DLB Racing. Pre-payment is still optional at all sites EXCEPT Brooksville. If you do not have a DLB Racing account, please go to DLB Racing and sign up for one. Please be sure to enter your SCCA membership information into your DLB account or you will be charged for a weekend membership.

2015 Trophy Rules
The 2015 Trophy Rules are posted under the link at the left side of this page or here: 2015 Trophy Rules. Please be sure to read these to ensure you complete the eligibility requirements for a 2015 Class Championship trophy!

First Event of 2015 - Please register online
It's time for the start of our 2015 Season, and we have the perfect event just for that purpose! We have a 2-day Practice-Points event at our Seminole State College (Geneva) site on January 17th and 18th. Saturday will be the practice day to shake off the rust for Sunday. Sunday will be the first points event of the 2015 season! Also, we will have a food vendor on site for both days. Backwoods Boys BBQ can't make it so he's sending over his buddy Piman's. They will be serving burger, dogs, fries, chicken fingers, drinks, etc. Check the comments for the event details and registration links. Remember: Pre-registration is REQUIRED. You can still pay on-site.
2015 Schedule Posted, Permanent Numbers Purged
The 2015 schedule has been posted (see left side of this page). The January events should be opening on the DLB Racing site for registration soon. Also please note that the permanent numbers for 2014 have been purged from DLB. If you would like to reserve your number for 2015, please follow the link at the bottom of this page and reserve your number. You must be an SCCA Member to reserve a number, and you must have actual numbers (magnetic or cling), not tape or paper. Trophy rules and any other changes for 2015 will be posted by the end of the month.
Florida State Autocross Championships Event - SOLD OUT
The Florida State Championships to be held this Sunday (4/23) is SOLD OUT. There will NOT be any on-site registration.
Florida State Autocross Championships - Work/Run Order
The work/run order for Sunday’s Florida State Autocross Championships event have been posted here: Work-Run Order. We are asking everyone to please show up early and be checked in by 8:30 am. This will enable us to get the first car out by 9:30am and leave plenty of time for runs.
41st Annual Florida State Autocross Championships
CFR is hosting the 41st annual Florida State Autocross Championships this year. The event will be held on Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 with a practice day on Saturday, November 22nd. The event will be held at our Seminole State College Law Enforcement Driver Training Track site in Geneva, FL. This is a great site that combines a rectangular asphalt pad with a runway-style asphalt extension to give an overall site length of over 1,500 feet. This will be a two day event as follows: Saturday: Practice day. Open ride-alongs, open-instruction. This will be a great opportunity to get acclimated to the site surface grip levels. Sunday: Championship Day. This event will crown the 2014 Florida State Autocross Class Champions in a single, winner-take-all event. 2014 State Champion trophies will be awarded at the event. (Event Information Link) (Event Registration Link)
Daytona Weather Update!!
The word from our track liaison: The rain has subsided and the facility has dried out. We are good to go!
Daytona Registration Open - MUST REGISTER ONLINE
Registration for our Daytona event on the weekend of Saturday 9/27 and Sunday 9/28 is now open on DLB Racing. Please note: Everyone MUST pre-register online. We will NOT be accepting on-site registrations. Please spread the word so no one misses out.
OCCC Cap and Waitlist Update
(1) We have increased the cap to 130 (we were OK with 128 in July. (2) 10 drivers from the waitlist have been issued invites to register. (3) At 9am Sunday, if we are under 130 drivers, the drivers left on the waitlist (currently 15) will be allowed to register in-order on-site until we reach 130. (4) If there are still spots remaining after these 15+ drivers have been processed, the on-site waitlisted drivers will be allowed to register until 130 is reached again.
OCCC 8/10 Event Moved to North Lot
Breaking news!!! Our OCCC event on 8/10 has just been moved back to the North lot. This is the same lot we were in for the July event. Please spread the word.
OCCC 8/10 Registration Full - Waitlist Open
We have reached the 120 cap for our OCCC event on August 10th. We will be accepting waitlisted registrations for now. They will be processed first come first served with cancellations and no shows.
Entry Cap Reached for OCCC Event - 7/13/2014
Please pass the word... we have reached our driver cap for the OCCC event this Sunday 7/13. There is a waitlist available at DLB racing (register as normal and you will be waitlisted automatically during that process), and that will remain open until midnight tonight (7/11). There will also be a waitlist started at the event for walk-up registrations, however these will be behind those on the DLB waitlist. On-site registration will be conducted as follows: 1) On-site registrants will be added to the waitlist behind those on the online waitlist. 2) Once registration closes (promptly at 9am), we will fill in the wait-list spots (from no-shows), in order, starting with the online waitlist, until we reach the cap. 3) We MAY increase the cap on-site depending on course and anticipated weather conditions/timing, but no guarantees. Please be on time!
Street Survival Story
If you haven't seen the link above, CFR is again hosting a Tire Rack Street Survival School. This is a safe teen program designed to provide real-world experience to teens in defensive driving and accident avoidance. To demonstrate the importance of such a school, and as thanks all those who volunteer their time to put these on, I want to relate the following story we just received from a grateful father upon receiving notification that we are again hosting a school: "This (notification) comes just one day after I said a prayer, and gave thanks to God for my daughter taking this course on April 3rd 2010 at the same venue in Geneva. Yesterday, she was traveling on I-95, in wet conditions, when she seems to have hit some standing water in her Fiat 500. The Car hydroplaned but thanks to you and Street Survival, she had been there before! She managed to keep the car from spinning and with God's Grace, no one was hurt. I don't think she fully comprehends what happened, what she did or how she was able to do it, but I Do. My Eternal Gratitude to you, Street Survival, Tire Rack, BMW CCA and all the SCCA volunteers."
Classic American Muscle (CAM) Class now available!
CFR is now supporting the new CAM class at the regional level. Check out the CAM Class Introduction at Solo Matters. The CFR CAM rules are still forming, but those under consideration are: Cars close to an ESP car - must be able to be registered for the street, 140-treadwear tires this year moving to 200 next year, rear-drive 4-seaters with solid rear axles, no missing fenders or structural panels. We'll be happy to take your input!
Announcing New CFR PDX Website and Sebring PDX May 31st
I would like to announce that the new website, for Central Florida PDX Event Information, is now online. Thanks Todd Smith and Teksolvers for your support these many years. Registration is now open for the May 31st PDX, see all the details on the new website at http://www.cfrpdx.com.
Weather Update, Daytona Saturday
I've been getting inquiries about tomorrow's Solo event at DIS and whether (no pun intended) we will still hold the event in light of the weather forecast. The answer is this: Yes. We run rain or shine, but we do pause for unsafe conditions such as lightning, heavy downpour, etc. That said, if we have a sustained "pause" that keeps us from being able to conduct the event within our allotted time, we will have to call it at that time. But.... that is a "game time" decision. If that happens, I'll figure out some sort of equitable credit situation for Saturday's drivers. SO.... PLEASE be prepared for rain. This means bring a poncho or a rain suit, bring large trash bags to put your stuff in when it's cleaned out of your car for Tech and your run-heat. Bring stuff to tie down your tents (we've pretzeled many a tent in the wind). Bring extra shoes and socks for when yours get soaked... basically whatever you think you need for rain.
Brooksville registration closes tonight at 11pm
If you want to attend this event on 5/11, you must register before registration closes because there is no on-site registration allowed for Brooksville events. As of the time of this posting, there are only 22 driver spots left, so do not delay, register now! Here is the event info link. This is a direct link to online registration
Cool video from Deland
I want to thank the DeLand RC Club for coming out and taking video of some our our runs this past Sunday. Here is a video of our Solo Chair's first run integrated with video from his helmet cam... enjoy!
Schedule Update - OCCC!
Please note that the dates for OCCC have been updated in the schedule. The site was not available on the original dates we requested (3rd weekend), so OCCC pushed us up to the second weekend in both July and August. The new OCCC dates are now July 13th and August 10th.
2014 Updates!

- Weekend Memberships & Online Regstration (Non-Members)
- Onsite Registration/Check-in (Members)
- Late Registration Fee (All)
- Permanent Numbers Purged
- Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
- 2014 Trophy Rules Posted
- 2014 Class Changes

Weekend Memberships & Online Regstration (Non-Members)
Weekend memberships are required for non-SCCA members. We are continuing the reduced fee of $10 for 2014. You can redeem up to two weekend memberships within 60-days of the event you purchased it to get a total of $30 off ($15 each) of an annual membership, so that is even MORE incentive to join SCCA. We are asking all non-members to please register and pre-pay online and complete the weekend membership form there. This will make on-site check-in much faster for everyone. If you cannot make the event you pre-register for, you will be issued an event credit for that event. Non-member event credits are good for one future pre-registration only. In other words, if you pre-register for a future event using your event credit then no-show that event, you will lose the event credit.

Onsite Registration/Check-in (Members)
To help complete registration faster, we are asking that all members preregister and pre-pay online. There will be two lines for registration: Pre-registered/paid, and all others. If you did not pre-register and pre-pay online you will be stuck in the slow line. Hopefully everyone will take advantage of the pre-registration and payment tools provided online and speed things up! If you cannot make the event you pre-register for, you will be issued an event credit for that event. Members event credits are good until you actually run an event. In other words,even if you register for a future event using your event credit then no-show that event, you will still have your event credit.

Late Registration Fee (All)
On-site registration closes at 9am sharp. If you are not in line at Timing and Scoring by the time registation is declared closed you will be charged a $10 late fee to register.

Permanent Numbers Purged
Permanent numbers have been purged, and will be purged at the end of each season. You must re-register for your permanent number using the link on the home page. Here are the permanent number rules:

- Only SCCA Members may have permanent numbers
- To have permanent numbers, you must use "permanent numbers" such as magnetics, vinyl, or paint (i.e. No tape or paper numbers).
- You may register the same number in multiple classes, but ONLY if you actively switch between classes.
- Reserved numbers will NOT be available for use onsite, so please do not register for a permanent number if you do not plan to run consistently this year.

Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
Each year we purge our AxWare database. This means that everyone will need to have their data re-entered into the system. The BEST way to do this is to preregister online for the first (and every) event. Doing so will automatically enter your data into AxWare, honor your permanent number, and also give you the opportunity to pre-pay and get in the quick check-in line onsite.

2014 Trophy Rules Posted
See the 2014 Trophy Rules on the home page

2014 Class Changes
Dont forget that there are big class changes for 2014. The stock classes have been renamed Street R for 2014, and the new Street classes have updated rules. Look for the 2014 draft rules on the SCCA rules downloads page for details.

2013 Florida State Autocross Championships Dates FINAL
It is MSCCs turn to host the Florida State Autocross Championships. The event will be held October 5th and 6th (This is now confirmed) at Sebring in conjunction with a NASA event. NASA will be running their races and HPDEs on the big track and the Autocross Championship will be held on the concrete 12hr paddock. There will be a practice event on Saturday ($35) with the race on Sunday ($65). Registration is at MyAutoEvents.com . The deadline is 10/1/13 to receive a t-shirt. Check the flyer for details, especially if you have a junior karter: State Championships Flyer
2013 Class and Pax Championship Rules Reminder
As we enter the final 3rd of our 2013 season, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of the Class and Championship Points rules. Originally we started out with 16 events (trophy rules say 17, but it was 16), with 10 required to qualify for a class trophy. Since then, we have added 4 Brooksville events for a total of 20 events for the season. The minimum qualifying number of events will remain at 10. Counting this Sunday (8/25) you have 6 more opportunities to get your 10 events in. See the full rules for tie breaker and PAX rules.
Florida State Autocross Championship Dates Announced - UPDATE
It is MSCCs turn to host the Florida State Autocross Championships. The event will be held October 5th and 6th (TBD-MSCC is looking at a new date maybe Nov/Dec) at Sebring in conjunction with a NASA event. NASA will be running their races and HPDEs on the big track and the Autocross Championship will be held on the concrete 12hr paddock. There will be a practice event on Saturday with the race on Sunday. Prices and other details coming soon. Please watch MSCC for news.
Tire Rack Street Survival School
Registration is now open at www.streetsurvival.org for our October 26th Tire Rack Street Survival School at Geneva, Fl. Entry will be limited to 30 teen students and the cost of entry is $75.00. Water and soda refreshments will be available during the day and lunch will be provided to all those in attendance. All questions from CFR parents/grandparents or other interested parties should be directed to Art Trier (qreshadow@bellsouth.net)
DIS Saturday Practice Results (5/4/2013)
We finished our first attempted recovery of the Saturday DIS Practice results and upon cross-checking with a printout from the first heat, determined that there were still errors. We will continue to work this in the background and hope to post results sometime in the future.
Travel Delays to Sebring
Just a note for those traveling to Sebring tomorrow for the Sunday event at SIR. One of the towns just north of Sebring is holding an iron-man triathalon tomorrow and there could be delays on US27. You may want to plan to leave a little earlier than normal.
Sebring PDX Saturday June 1st
Registration for the June CFR PDX is now open, This PDX event is open only to Advanced/Intermediate PDX participants.
You meet this criteria if any of these are true..
  1. You hold an SCCA PDX license or an SCCA competition license
  2. You have a long history of tracking events with other SCCA recognized organizations such as, PCA, NASA, CHIN, BMW, PBOC, etc.
  3. You have an SCCA Time Trials log book that indicates the ability to "solo" and have successfully completed at least three SCCA PDX events
  4. Have received an entry waiver from the PDX Chief Driving Instructor.
This event will take place on Saturday June 1st is now open on the dlbracing website. The event, on the Sebring short course is only open to Advanced/Intermediate drivers. Maximum entry will be 35 cars and there will be 2 passing zones. All this for just $90.00. Such a deal!
Test News Item
This is a test news item
Daytona PDX April 13 and 14th!
It is a new year and the first PDX of the season is at Daytona International Raceway April 13 and 14th. All level of drivers are welcome. Entries will be limited to 40 cars per day. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site.

Click here for a brief overview of a CFR SCCA Perfomance Driving Experience.
Attention: Brooksville Event Dates Have Been Solidified!
Four Brookesville dates have been added to the schedule. Volunteers are needed! Please contact Dave Welsh if you can help out.
Attention: March 31st Brooksville Event to be Rescheduled!
The new date is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
Changes for 2013!
  1. Weekend Membership Updates
  2. Onsite Registration/Check-in Process Update
  3. Permanent Numbers purged, requirements updated
  4. Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
  5. Updated DLB Registration Page coming soon
  6. Continuing with Road Tire (RT) Classes
  7. 2013 Trophy Rules Posted
  8. Safety Steward Training

Weekend Membership Updates
Weekend memberships are still required for non-SCCA members. However we are reducing the fee from $15 to $10. You can STILL redeem those weekend memberships for $15 off an annual membership, so that is even MORE incentive to join SCCA.

Also we are asking all non-members to please register online and complete the weekend membership form there. This will make on-site check-in much faster for everyone.

Onsite Registration/Check-in Process Update
In an attempt to make registration go more smoothly this year, we are asking that everyone preregister and pre-pay online. To incentivize everyone to do this, there will be two lines for registration: Pre-registered/paid, and all others. If you did not pre-register and pre-pay online you will be stuck in the slow line ;). Hopefully everyone will take advantage of the pre-registration and payment tools provided online and speed things up!

Permanent Numbers Purged, Requirements Updated
Permanent numbers have been purged, and will be purged at the end of each season. You must re-register for your permanent numbers here. Here are the permanent number rules:

  1. Only SCCA Members may have permanent numbers
  2. To have permanent numbers, you must use "permanent numbers" such as magnetics, vinyl, or paint (i.e. No tape or paper numbers).
  3. You may register the same number in multiple classes, but ONLY if you actively switch between classes.
  4. Reserved numbers will NOT be available for use onsite, so please do not register for a permanent number if you do not plan to run consistently this year.

Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
Over the years, our registration database in AxWare has become rather bloated with duplicate entries, drivers who no longer participate, etc. To fix this, we are going to start 2013 with a clean slate. This means that everyone will need to have their data re-entered into the system. The BEST way to do this is to preregister online for the first (and every) event. Doing so will automatically enter your data into AxWare and also give you the opportunity to pre-pay and get in the quick check-in line onsite.

Updated DLB Registration Page coming soon
We are working with DLB Racing to provide an updated registration page that make selecting modified classes easier. Once completed, you will register in your base class (i.e. CS) and then select a class modifier (i.e. X, RTA/F/R, L, or none). This should make the class selection list MUCH shorter an easier to navigate.

Continuing with Road Tire (RT) Classes
We will again offer the RT classes throughout the 2013 season. This year it will be offered from the beginning, so the RT classes will have the same participation as all other class championship classes. For now we will NOT be handicapping these classes with an additional multiplier. HOWEVER, if SCCA or the Solo National Tour releases and RT rules update to add a handicap or any other changes, we will implement whatever changes are released.

2013 Trophy Rules Posted
See the 2013 Trophy Rules here: http://cfrsolo2.com/2013/2013_Trophy_Rules.html

Solo Safety Steward Training
Solo Safety Stewards (SSS) are essential to our ability to continue to hold Solo events. If we have no SSS, an event cannot be run. If we have only one SSS, that person cannot compete because he/she must always be watching the event.

To become an SSS, one must be formally trained, go through a short apprenticeship, and then become officially licensed by the SCCA to be recognized as an SSS for a solo event. Because this happens over a number of events, we cannot manufacture SSS instantly. Therefore it is critical that we have a group of trained and currently licensed members to draw from to ensure we are adequately staffed in the SSS department.

All that said, NOW is your chance to start the process to become a licensed SSS. We plan to hold the next class during a lunch break at our January 27th Deland event. Please send an email to Chuck Lutz solo@cfrscca.org if you are interested in attending this class so we know how many to expect. The more the merrier!

Attention all CFR Points Championship contenders!
The annual Class Points and PAX Championship results have been posted in the results section. Congratulations to all the winners. Make sure you come to the CFR SCCA Annual Awards Banquet to collect your trophy and be recognized!

The Annual Awards Banquet details can be found here: CFR SCCA

2012 Florida State Championships
ER is proud to present the Florida State Championship this year at Sun Life Stadium. Sun Life Stadium is located right on the Miami-Dade County/Broward County border.

The event will have a practice on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 and the main event will be on Sunday, December 9th, 2012.

REMINDER: ROLLOVERS are not usable for this event. ROLLOVERS will be allowed at the next regular event. You MUST register for this event on-line. NO WALKUPS ALLOWED.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN: driverregistration.com

CFR SCCA and Lotus Limited

As you may know the CFR SCCA Solo program has partnered with Lotus Limited for our October 28th Solo event at the Orange County Convention Center (details and registration here: http://www.dlbracing.com/clubs/cfrscca/autocross.aspx?EventID=5083&LMID=259). In addition, Lotus Limited is offering a track day at Sebring the next day, Monday, October 29th. There is plenty of space available at this event, so if you are interested in a full-course track day at Sebring, check out the details here: http://www.lotuscarclub.org/log30track.php.

Tire Rack Street Survival School

Central Florida Region will be holding a Tire Rack Street Survival School again, Saturday, October 6th at Geneva.

If you are interested in signing up your son, daughter or grandkids go to www.streetsurvival.org for more information. Of course, it is open to everybody, SCCA member or not: 15 1/2 with a permit, a current licensed teen or someone older up to 22 years of age.

The region will be needing instructors and others to lend a hand. If you are interested in helping, contact Art Trier (qreshadow@bellsouth.net).

The school has a maximum enrollment of 30 students.

October Special Event

A reminder about this months special Solo event. CFR SCCA Solo is working with PBOC Motorsports to put on a special Solo event, in conjunction with the PBOC track day, this month.

This event will be at Daytona International Speedway the weekend of October 13th & 14th and be a Test-n-Tune, or fun-run style event giving plenty of opportunity for time on course.

Here is the Registration Link

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women.
  • Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die.
  • Although breast cancer in men is rare, an estimated 2,150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 410 will die each year.

See the online booklet What You Need To Know About™ Breast Cancer to learn more about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and questions to ask the doctor

Sebring Special Event Info

Check the DLB website for more information.

Upcoming Special Events in September and October

We are excited to announce that CFR SCCA Solo is working with PBOC Motorsports to put on two special Solo events in conjunction with PBOC track day events.

These events will be at Sebring International Raceway during the weekend of September 8th & 9th, and at Daytona International Speedway the weekend of October 13th & 14th.

These events will likely be Test-n-Tune, or fun-run style events giving plenty of opportunity for time on course.

Event details are still being worked out so watch this website and DLB Racing for updates.

OCCC Event Date Changes from Oct 27th to Oct 28th

The October event at OCCC is on the 28th, not the 27th as we previously had it. This was going to be an SCCA event on the 27th and a Lotus event on the 28th, but due to OCCC availability, we combined the events into a single event on the 28th. Details are on DLB Racing

Sebring Labor Day Weekend PDX Sunday September 2nd

CFR SCCA is hosting another PDX at Sebring International Raceway. Intermediate and Advanced drivers only. Full Course, $95.00 entry fee. Entries will be limited to 45 cars. Novices may not participate on Sunday. Click here for some details and a track map. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site. Here is the Registration Link

Sebring PDX July 21st and 22nd

CFR SCCA is hosting another PDX at Sebring International Raceway. Novice and Intermediate on Saturday and Intermediate and Advanced drivers on Sunday. Club Course, $90.00 entry fee. Entries will be limited to 30 cars, each day. Novice entries will be limited to 20. Novices may not participate on Sunday. Click here for some details. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site. DLB Racing Entry List

(UPDATE 2)Sebring PDX June 2nd
For those interested PDX'ers out there, here is a response from Art; It is important that folks get all the facts about what happened so that they can take a rational viewpoint on what we faced and had to address. Rumors, uninformed allegations, individual campaigns, etc. can damage this program quickly for you or others and that can only be prevented by stating all the facts. Click here for the facts.
(UPDATE)Sebring PDX June 2nd
PDX session times have been changed from 20 minutes to 15, if you are signed up you should be getting an email soon. I have been getting a lot of questions about this and have contacted the registrar and PDX Chief. Also, the 1.7 mile club course with a 35 car limit has been designated. Updated PDX Info, Insight by Art .
Sebring PDX June 2nd

CFR SCCA is hosting another PDX at Sebring International Raceway. Advanced and Intermediate drivers only in this event. Click here for some details. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site. DLB Racing Entry List

Congratulations to Dixie National Tour Solo participants!
The CFR Solo program had a large contingent of members (over thirty guys and gals) participate in the Dixie National Tour Solo event in Adel, GA this weekend. We want to thank all of our participating members for representing CFR so well and congratulate the great performances from those who finished in the trophies or just outside. Here are the top performers per class (in order of live class posting):

Driver Position Class Driver Position Class
Dat Nguyen1stCS Tim Reardon4thES
Brian Meyers2ndFS Keith Robertson2ndHS
George Bonafede1stSM Elliott Harvey2ndCSP
    Per Schroeder1stBM
Howard Sharf2ndBM Peter Schroeder4thBM
Scott Minehart1stEM Scott Wheeler2ndEM
Mary Wheeler2ndEML Ken Trier1stFM
Matt Wareham4thKM Brendan Lutz1stJA
Dan Shields1stRTR    


Also, breaking the Top 20 in PAX (out of 277 entries!) were Keith Robertson (6th), John Thomas (9th), Elliott Harvey (13th), and Ken Trier (18th).  

Full final results can be found here     Full PAX results can be found here

Daytona PDX Apr 14-15

CFR SCCA has finally released the dates for the Daytona PDX. Click here for some details. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site. DLB Racing Entry List

Solo Customer Satisfaction Survey

I have moved this news message to the news section as I am not sure it is still valid. I've tried the link and appears I do not have an account. I re-registered but still could not get tho the survey. I will update this if I figure out what's going on.

A Message from Heyward Wagner, independent contractor, whose role is the Solo Communications Manager responsible for the program’s e-newsletter, SoloMatters.

PLEASE HELP - I am working on a "customer satisfaction" session for this years convention - for it to be based at all on reality, I need feedback. I created this survey to do that, but to be effective, I need it to be as far reach...ing as possible.

PLEASE POST THIS in as many places as you can - Forums, Facebook, Email it to people who you know do not frequent Facebook and Forums, etc - We are working hard to help support Regional Solo Programs, getting this survey out there will go a long way in helping us to do that, thank you!

Take the Regional Event Satisfaction Survey at SurveyMonkey.com

Schedule Change

6/17 event moves to 6/16 and becomes practice
4/1 Geneva event becomes a points event

This is done to avoid Father’s day and ensure points days are on Sunday only.

MSCC Autocross School - Mar. 3rd & Mar. 4th

For more information go to there website at www.martinsportscarclub.net

Important News from our New West Coast Coordinator

My name is Dave Welsh and I have volunteered to take the position as the West Coast coordinator. I am working on creating a calendar of events at Brooksville for 2012. Below is a tentative schedule of dates that are available to us, all are on Saturdays.


In order to proceed with the schedule we need to have volunteers help with the key positions needed to run an event. Ideally the positions that need to be filled are:

Timing Chief
Registration Chief
Trophy Chairman
Worker Chief
Course Designer
Chief Safety Steward
Equipment Chief

Minimally we need at least one person to do registration and timing, one to be the equipment chief, and someone to be the designated Solo Safety Steward of record. For the rest we can have folks fill in at the events, though it is preferred to have a designated person (or persons) for each.

Older descriptions of these positions can be found at the CFR SOLO site: http://www.cfrsolo2.com/Information/policymanual.html. These are close, but if you are really interested in a position, contact me or Chuck Lutz for more details about each position and the amount of time/commitment required (it’s probably not as much as you think!)

You can send me a private message, or email me, Dave Welsh (dwelsh56@hotmail.com). Chuck can be reached at Chuck Lutz (solo@cfrscca.org).

Let’s keep the CFR West Coast SOLO program alive!

2012 Schedule Changes

Some schedule changes: Brooksville dates have been removed and more OCCC dates have been added.

Brooksville dates were pulled from the schedule because they were selected without confirmation from the site. We have since found out that the site is not available those dates and are working to identify new dates based on remaining open dates.

Dave Welsh has volunteered to be our West Coast Coordinator. However, Dave can ONLY do this if he gets some additional permanent volunteers. A minimal set of volunteers, who can commit to help with the following positions below, are needed. If you are interested, contact Chuck Lutz (solo@cfrscca.org) or Dave Welsh (dwelsh56@hotmail.com) for more information on these positions. Together, we can get the West Coast program back on track!

Volunteers are needed immediately for the following positions:
Equipment Chief
Timing and Scoring Chief

2012 Schedule and Chairman's Update

WARNING: This schedule may change a little. Stay tuned for more information. If you didn't get the Chairman's update in the mail today, you can catch it here.

2012 National Solo and Pro-Solo Schedules Announced

Click here for the 2012 National Solo and Pro-Solo Schedule

2011 Year End Points Have Been Posted

The official 2011 year end points have now been posted.

Tire Rack Street Survival School

Central Florida Region will be holding a Tire Rack Street Survival School again at Geneva on Saturday October 15th.

If you are interested in signing up your son, daughter or grandkids go to www.streetsurvival.org. Of course, it is open to everybody, SCCA member or not: 15 1/2 with a permit, a current licensed teen or someone older up to 22 years of age.

The school has a maximum enrollment of 30 students.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that there were 230,480 new cases of breast cancer, in women, diagnosed this year alone! In 2011, there were 39,520 deaths (female), 450 (male), due to breast cancer. Although male breast cancer is rare, it can occur in both men and women.

See the online booklet What You Need To Know About™ Breast Cancer to learn about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and questions to ask the doctor

More Practice Dates

Two Deland practice dates have been added to the calendar, 08/20/11, 11/19/11. Stay tuned for more possible additions.
Performance Driving Experience - Sebring - CFR SCCA PDX

CFR will be running another PDX on the weekend of July 16th and 17th. Go to the DLB website and search Performance Driving Experience, for July, to register.
Autism Awareness Participation

Thanks Art for organizing this and all who participated. Select this link to see how we did in Art's letter to Autism Speaks. Go to the Autism Speaks website to learn more about this worthy cause.
April Is Autism Awareness Month

Thanks to all for your support in this worthy cause.

Autism is a childhood disease affecting one child in every hundred born in the US each year. To support Autism Awareness, we typically use our April autox event as a charity event to raise money for Autism Speaks, a national organization dedicated to eradicating Autism. With the cancellation of our April Geneva event, we are planning to move our Autism charity event to the May 8th event at Daytona International Speedway. This will be our 4th annual charity event for Autism Speaks and we will be asking for donations from the event participants. We hope that you will help us raise funds for this worthy cause.

DIS Event Info

All you need to know about the D.I.S. event on May 8th. Click Here
Geneva event on April 24th has been cancelled!

The Geneva event on April 24th has been cancelled. Please note that there is an event on this day at our Brooksville site. If you would like to register for this event, please note that Brooksville registration closes at 11:59pm on 4/14.
Performance Driving Experience - CFR SCCA PDX

As a result of all the interest, a second 20 car group has been created for Saturday. 10 slots have already been filled at this writing so don't delay.

For all the Solo folks that ever dreamed of putting their car on a Daytona road course, now's the time. CFR will be running a PDX in conjunction with the race driver's school on the weekend of April 16th and 17th. Click Here For More Information

New Changes For 2011 - Live Results!

In response to suggestions that we somehow display the current standings during an event, we have setup the ability to publish live results from our AXware software during an event. This was up and running as a test for our February Geneva event and worked very well.

During an event, results will be posted automatically once per minute and can be viewed on a smartphone by going to: http://cfrsolo2.com/cfrlive/index.htm. This will show the per-class results in a format similar to the final results we post after an event. Please try it out at the next event and let us know what you think.

We will be continuing this on a trial basis for the remaining events of the season assuming we can get access to wifi for a given location.

New Changes For 2011 - Leadership Change

This year we have a changing of the guard for the leadership of the Central Florida Region Solo program. Many thanks to outgoing Solo Board Chairman Tim Reardon, and Co-Chairman Dat Nguyen. Tim and Dat have served the Central Florida SCCA Solo Program extremely well over the past five years and deserve the lion’s share of the credit for the success and smoothness of our program today.

My name is Chuck Lutz and I am taking over for Tim as Solo Board Chairman. Terry Tabor has volunteered to act as Co-Chairman. Together we plan to maintain the program’s current successes while implementing some immediate small changes. We would love to hear your opinions on how we are doing and any suggestions you have for improvement. Please feel free to email me or Terry with your feedback and input.

Thanks to all the hard workers who supported us in 2010. We are looking forward to a great 2011!

Online Registration and Payment One change we are going to implement immediately is to speed up the morning registration process by encouraging online registration and payment. Event pricing for those who use online registration and payment will remain at the 2010 pricing levels of $25 for members and $40 for non-members even though we experienced a cost increase in our sanction fees this year. Pricing for on-site registration and payment will increase to $30 for members and $45 for non-members. If something comes up and you miss the event after pre-payment, you can request a refund or a credit for your next event. Click here or the permanent sidebar link for more detailed information.

“X” Class This year we will also be bringing back the “X” class. This class is for drivers who want to compete head to head across classes. This class will be scored using the PAX multiplier from the driver’s normal car class. The X class will be awarded trophies and points as any other class. To compete in the X class simply register in your normal car class, but when checking in for the event tell the registration person that you want to compete in the X class.

2011 Trophy Rules The season will consist of eighteen points events. To qualify for the year end championship certain requirements must be met. See the left sidebar for a permanent link to the New 2011 Championship Requirements

Brooksville Date Change for April

We’ve encountered a scheduling conflict for the April 17th Brooksville event.

The airport double-booked the date and the other party booked first. To resolve the conflict, this event has been moved to April 24th. Unfortunately this coincides with our Geneva event, but this was the only viable choice we had for a replacement date.

Changes For 2011

Many new changes this new year. Welcome to the new Chair and Co-Chairs.
DLB Registration Links

The DLB registration links for the first 8 events have been configured.
SCCA - Buccaneer Region - Florida Sate Solo II Championship

Sunday Nov 14

Gainesville Raceway Test Track/Road, Gainesville, FL

Florida Sate Solo II Championship REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Attention: Schedule Change
Brooksville Trophy event on Nov 7th has been cancelled
Third Annual Autism Awareness Autocross
On April 11, the Central Florida Region of the Sports Car Club of America (CFR-SCCA), in recognition of April being Autism Awareness month, held our Third Annual Autism Awareness Autocross to raise funds for the battle with Autism.

The event’s participants, their guests and the CFR-SCCA, donated $ 1,282.00 towards your worldwide efforts in this regard.

Thank you to all who participated in this most important of causes.

CFR SCCA Solo at Daytona International Speedway (DIS) Sunday May 2, 2010

All participants, spectators and crew must register/sign waivers/get DIS credentials prior to 9 AM. Without DIS credentials, you will not be able to enter the raceway. If at all possible, please register online but you will still need to pick-up DIS credentials at the site on Sunday morning.

Registration/Waivers/Credentials will only be available in the large tent near the Turn 1 tunnel entrance (Gate 39) noted on the DIS diagram below. Registration will close at 9 AM sharp. Access to DIS after that time will not be available unless you have DIS credentials.

Once you get DIS credentials, you may enter DIS at Gate 39 (noted) and leave and re-enter at your option. Food will not be available at the Solo site. However, the DIS restaurant in the Fan Zone near the NASCAR garages will be open or you may exit the track at the TURN 1 or TURN 4 tunnel to International Speedway Blvd, where many restaurants are located. Your credentials will allow you to return.

Once entering DIS at Gate 39, follow the indicated route on the map to the CFR Solo area between NASCAR Turns 3 and 4 (east side of the track).

IMPORTANT: Car carrying trailers can only enter/leave the infield of the track through the Turn 1 tunnel. The Turn 4 tunnel is not wide enough to accept these trailers. Also, keep in mind that a CFR race is ongoing this weekend so there will be other non-race traffic on the interior roadways of DIS.

Autism Solo April 11th

April is National Autism Awareness Month

One in every 110 births results in a child stricken with Autism. Young children diagnosed as autistic have trouble speaking, understanding the spoken word, communicating with others; have emotional issues and/or lack social skills with varying degrees. Some, with early intervention which is extremely important, may eventually be able lead a “normal” life while others will always need special care. It is a heart-wrenching problem for a family to deal with.

The reason this happens to our children is still a mystery. The doctors and researchers just do not know. However, with properly directed and increased funding, perhaps in the near future a reason as to why this happens to our children will be found and the yet unborn will be spared. Then, maybe, a cure will follow.

This year the CFR will dedicate our April 11th event at Geneva to fighting Autism. We will again ask for donations to Autism Speaks - the national organization in the forefront of this battle - from our competitors and other participants.

And, if you’d be interested in having your helmet customized with a paint scheme or design of your choosing, Jerry Hicks, a CFR member and owner of Helmetworks, will donate a certificate good for a custom paint job that will make your helmet stand out above all the rest. Samples will be available for viewing but just about any design can be done. The certificate will be raffled off, money from the raffle will be added to the donations from the other attendees and the region, to Autism Speaks. The winning ticket will be picked after the event, at the trophy presentation ceremony. A second, surprise drawing for "something" will also be made at that time.

Last year, we were able to raise a little over $1,000.00 with the generosity of the folks who attended the event. This year we are hopeful that we can increase that donation to Autism Speaks. We will again be giving “rides” for those that would be willing to donate to the cause.

March 21 Solo to aid Breast Cancer Research in Deland

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Deland Event on March 21, 2010 will be a benefit event for Breast Cancer Research. Jan Wahl, Cheryl Poindexter’s Boss and Friend, is going to be walking in a marathon and half marathon in Washington, DC on May 1 and 2 with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I am sure that many of you know someone that has had breast cancer. We are trying to get donations for this event. And this is where you can help us out, we will be asking for donations for hitting pylons, ride alongs with some of the drivers and selling handmade towels and potholders. Any monetary donations will also be accepted. This is a tax deductible foundation.

If you want any info on the foundation, their website is www.avonfoundation.org.

So please bring extra coins and dollars to help us out.

2010 Rules Are Now Available

The rules have been slightly modified since the initial posting. 2010 Trophy Rules
East And West Coast Combines

For 2010 we are combining the west & east coast events so that there will not be a separate year end champion from each coast. Hopefully this will bring up Brooksville participation. To accomplish that we will require that a driver complete eight points events in order to be eligible for the year end trophy. Since there are usually more east coast events than Brooksville events we will make only six of the east coast events "Year End Points" qualifying events, the other ones will be non-points events. All the Brooksville events will be points events (except for Nov). This will give Brooksville six points events.
Florida State Championships Oct 17 & 18 at Sebring International Raceway

CFR SCCA will be hosting the Florida State Championships on Oct 17 & 18 at Sebring International Raceway.

Pre-registration is required and can be done at www.dlbracing.com. T-shirts for all drivers! Saturday will be a practice event and Sunday will be the trophy event. Event fees will be $30 for Saturday (all drivers) and $40 (all drivers) for Sunday's trophy event. Sorry punch cards will not be accepted for this event. This event will count towards CFR east & west coast points so if you need that last event to qualify for a year end championship please attend.

2009 CFR Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet

The 2009 CFR annual meeting and awards banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn, 401 Second Street, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785 on Saturday Dec 12th from 6pm - 10pm. (6-7 cocktails, 7-10 awards banquet). Visit www.cfrscca.org for more information.
Download the flyer for the complete schedule

Register early to save $$. Come out and meet your fellow racers for an evening of fun!

Florida State Championships Oct 17 & 18 at Sebring International Raceway

CFR SCCA will be hosting the Florida State Championships on Oct 17 & 18 at Sebring International Raceway.

Pre-registration is required and can be done at www.dlbracing.com. T-shirts for all drivers! Saturday will be a practice event and Sunday will be the trophy event. Event fees will be $30 for Saturday (all drivers) and $40 (all drivers) for Sunday's trophy event. Sorry punch cards will not be accepted for this event. This event will count towards CFR east & west coast points so if you need that last event to qualify for a year end championship please attend.

Solo Nationals, next month

Are you going? Lincoln Airpark, Lincoln NE (NW 36th & W. Mathis Rd, 68524), September 8-11, 2009. Contact Nancy Downing Solo Events Manager, for more details. 800-770-2055

Mothers Day Auto-X Spectacular

Are you a Mother! If you are come to this weekends Palm Bay Auto-X and you will drive free. That's right, Mothers drive free on Mothers Day.

April is Autism Awareness Month

One in every 160 births result in a child stricken with Autism. Last April, the Solo folks had an autox at Deland dedicated to raising funds to fight this childhood affliction. Young children diagnosed as autistic have trouble speaking, understanding the spoken word, communicating with others, have emotional issues and/or lack social skills with varying degrees. Some, with early intervention, may eventually be able lead a normal life while others will always need special care. It is a heart-wrenching problem for a family to deal with.

The reason this happens to our children is still a mystery. The doctors and researchers just do not know. However, with properly directed and increased funding, perhaps in the near future a reason as to why this happens to our children will be found and the yet unborn will be spared. Then, maybe, a cure will follow.

This year the CFR will dedicate our April 19th event at Geneva to fighting Autism. We will again ask for donations to Autism Speaks - the national organization in the forefront of this battle - from our competitors and other participants.

Last year, we were able to raise a total of $1,490.00. This year we are hopeful that we can increase that donation to Autism Speaks. We will again be giving “rides” for those that would be willing to donate to the cause.

Please join us on April 19th at Geneva.

2009 Class Info

FYI, for 2009 there have been several class name changes. STS is now just ST (Street Touring). STS2 becomes STS for 2009 and SM2 is now SSM (Super Street Mod). The name changes were updated in the 2009 rulebook and so we’ll be adopting them for CFR SCCA. They wanted to eliminate numbers being used for class names and so points will not be affected. Please note the changes next time you register. We will keep STU2 since it’s only a regional class.

Safety Steward School
For those of you interested in becoming a Safety Steward we will be having a Safety Steward school in Deland on January 25th. The school will be held during the event break so come on down..

Congratulations 2008 East and West Coast Solo class champions!

Come to the CFR SCCA 50th Anniversary Awards Banquet on Saturday December 13th for food, festivities, and fun! The event will be hosted by District 6 and will take place Saturday evening at the Quality Inn Conference Center at 6525 US 27 North, Sebring, FL 33870. Registration will be from 4:00pm - 7:00pm and the banquet will be from 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Event and registration information are included in the following ENTRY FORM. Save money by pre-registering and sending in your form prior to December 1, 2008. Come out and meet your fellow club racers and solo drivers!

CFR SCCA's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Central Florida SCCA is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year. The annual meeting will be held in Sebring, Fl, Dec 12th-14th.

September Deland Event and Year End Points Info

The Deland event this weekend, 9/14, is on. The access road is now clear. Since the August event was cancelled, the minimum number of events for class champion will be reduced from nine to eight for the east coast. The minimum number for the west coast will remain at six events.


The Deland event this weekend has been canceled due to flooding. Spread the word.

SEDIV Divisional in Gainesville

Click here for more info and for those last minute details check out the forum here.

Autism Fundraiser

April is Autism Awareness Month, we would like all of you to come and have a little fun at the April 27th event in Deland, while helping out a great cause. Click here for more info.

Don't Forget Daylight Savings Time

This weekend is Daylight Saving Time. It's time to spring forward, set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday March 9th.


Solo I in Gainesville this weekend, it's fast and it's fun, don't miss it.

Palm Bay is a Success

Of course, from the amount of recent participation you probably all know that by now. I will miss another Palm Bay event but if this weeks is anything like the last one then I'm thinking no one else will. One Hundred and Eleven entries, Wow!

We're Back!

Sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like we have been doing better than we have done in the past exceeding our alotted bandwidth for the month. The good thing is knowing the site is doing it's job for the racing community, here in Central Florida, by providing what it does for us all. On the other hand we don't want this to ever happen again so we are taking the necessary steps to safeguard ourselves. Unfortunately that may mean some more growing pains. Stay tuned and again sorry for any problems this may have caused.

Happy New Year!

Registration for all B'ville SCCA Solo II events has been reopened.

New Brooksville Instructions!

Change is in the air, again. Registration for all B'ville SCCA Solo II events, after Jan 31, 2008, will not open until the new restrictions have been finalized. Look for the new changes to be posted soon.

SCCA Solo Trials at Gainesville, February 9 & 10, 2008!

Registration will be limited to 50 so sign up soon. Registration forms will be due by Feb 1st. The event Hotel is back at the Best Western Gateway Grand and the rooms are reserved until Jan 9th, 2008. Please make your reservations early.

Great News!

The site in Palm Bay, at the BCC campus there, has once again become available to us here at CFR. The first event will be in January of the new year. No practice days for a few months but a whole year of activity is being planned. Check the new schedule when it becomes available for the exact dates.

Calling all Racers!

We need your race cars for a car show
to help raise money for the North Merritt Island Little League.
Race over to Beef O’Brady’s on Merritt Island
Sunday December 16th
from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

For more info contact Tim Reardon at reardo_t@bellsouth.net.

Season Ends!

Is it that time of year again already?
The season is over and now it's time to party.
Please come and join us at the
CFR-SCCA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet
December 7-9, 2007

Download the flyer to sign up early.
Entry Fees Have Changed

Just so you don't get surprised at your next Auto-X. The event fee has gone up $5.00. Some of the flyers have the new fee in them but not all. We are working hard to get that done. Thanks to Bill and Albert.


This is just a little reminder to all the drivers out there, CFR Region Solo II requires all drivers to work. If you run you must work. I'm sure everyone remembers the penalty if you don't, it is mentioned in most drivers meetings. Just in case you don't know, the penalty is expulsion from any further events and loss of points status. This is almost never a problem, CFR has some of the best folks around so keep up the good work.

Attention! Sebring not just an East Coast Event

The event on Sunday June 3rd has just been opened up to both coasts. Points will now be awarded for both East and West coasts. Please disregard the schedule indicating East coast only.

The Breast Cancer 3-DAY and Kim's Efforts
e 4/22 event in Deland we will have the opportunity to donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day and help a fellow CFR member reach their fundraising goal. At the event, drivers can pledge money for each cone hit or bring dollars for fun runs! Interested participants will find information the morning of the event at the registration table. All particpants in the cone hit pledge will be eligible for a drawing of prizes that will take place during the trophy presentation. See this link for more information on The Breast Cancer 3-DAY and Kim's Efforts.

New Look

We have been talking about it for a while, now it is finally here. The site has been modified to remember you, if you login. This solution is accomplished using cookies so you should have them turned on. Register yourself now while all the good usernames are still available. Login before you register for an event and all of your personal info will be populated into the entry form. As in the past, your personal information is only used for registration purposes.

Gainesville Event Info

The Gainesville event on Feb 11 is a regular solo2 event on the test track (i.e. cones). Cost is $35 for non-members and $25 for SCCA members. Please have your driver's license and SCCA membership card at registration. Registration will be between 8am-9am. Lunch will not be available at the event so it would be a good idea to bring food since the off-site venues are rather far away.

FYI, for Deland 1/21/07

The Museum will not be able to furnish FOOD for the 1/21/07 Deland event. They are having some logistics problems that will be worked out in time, so bring a lunch as offsite forays for food do take a while.

New Items for 2007, Updated

New schedule, Trophy rules. New Brooksville registration requirements, Registration reminder for Drivers Licenses and SCCA Membership Cards. Helmet requirements have NOT changed as previously reported.

There are new requirements for Junior Kart safety stewards and we are trying to get the paperwork done in time, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen so no junior karters are allowed for the January 7,8 event at Brooksville. Regular adult karts are ok for the first Brooksville event. See below for more details.

Brooksville afternoon results

What's the big idea! I didn't have any more room on the results page so here you go: Final and Pax.

Year End Points have been posted

Last Points Event of the Year

It's an East coast event and it's at Deland

Reminder, Sebring is close at hand

It is another double points event, similar to the one we had in early June at Sebring. The dates are October 21st and 22nd.

Important facts concerning Brooksville registration

There is a deadline for all Brooksville event registration. It is at midnight on the Thursday, one week prior to the event. For example: If the event date is July 15th and 16th, then registration will close at midnight on July 6th. Also, anyone, drivers and non-drivers, must be on the list to enter, no exceptions.

Once a name is on the list, it will remain there for the rest of the season, no need to register again. We will try to post a list so that there is no confusion.

As you may have noticed, the registration process has changed. Just select the radio button for the event you want to register for and select Register. If the event has past or registration has closed then the radio button will disappear.

I'm working on a system that will remember you so that you will not have to re-input the same information everytime but that is a little down the road still.

September Brooksville event and Ernesto!

The event this weekend may be effected by hurricane Ernesto, 09/01/06 Sorry about the late notice, The event is a GOOOOO. See you there.

Brooksville event date change!

The event is on September 2nd and 3rd. I will post a new flyer when I get it.

Another 2 Day Sebring Event!

More good news. The word is out, it's definite. We will be having another 2 day, double points event, similar to the one we had in early June at Sebring. The dates are October 21st and 22nd. The entries will be posted to the calendar soon, with registration links. Make your hotel reservations now. BTW, I just made mine at the Chateau Elan and it seems like the SCCA rate has gone up to $99.00. If anyone hears anything different let me know.

Good News!

Thanks to the hard work of Jerry Stein and all who took the time to fill out the survey the site at Valkaria will be considered. I will keep you all posted if I hear anything.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

It looks like we have lost our site at IRCC. I got the word today. The noise level has upset the local residents and they have complained to the college. Our last event to be held there will be this weekend. If you liked the site and have any connections then by all means find out if there is anything we could do.

Heads Up!

Online registration is moving soon to the schedule page.
Online Pre-Registration!

Online Pre-Registration <-- Moved to the schedule page

Are you tired of those long lines at Registration! We are too, the longer it takes to register the less we all get to race. We are currently working on an automated system that should make things a lot faster. Our full blown system is not quite ready for production yet. So to get us all ready for that day we are implementing a simple form that we hope all drivers will use to let us know who is coming before race day. This will allow the folks in registration to enter a lot of info before you get to the event. The events list includes the entire race calendar. Until further notice I think we will just be trying this with East Coast events. Once we get the bugs worked out things should change. There is no obligation to come to the event after you pre-registered, but obviously it could waste a lot of peoples time if a lot of people pre-register and don't show up. This will save a lot of time with first timers since they have no information in the computer yet. Use the button above this text to Pre-Register today. Click here to see who is already registered

NEW SITE? Only if you help. Read this and send in the survey today.

Are you a Brevard County resident that would like to see autocrossing come back to the Melbourne/Palm Bay area? Does this course look like fun to you? Thanks for helping, no more surveys please, the wheels are in motion(6/11/06)!

Sebring Dates Notice
bring Dates Notice The Sebring dates and Flyer has been posted. The weekend will offer opportunities for two East coast point events and two West coast points events.
Brooksville Date Change
ooksville Date Change The Practice/Event that was scheduled for March 18th and 19th has been re-scheduled for the 26th of March, a Sunday. This is a one day points event, there will be no practice on Sat. If you have already registered on MyAutoEvents.com, you are still registered. The new event date has been changed on the MyAutoEvents.com page and the new deadline for registration is midnight on the 16th of March. The new title for the Brooksville event is "03/26 Brooksville". I appologize for the inconvenience this may cause many of you. If you have questions, please email Albert Popalis
Solo 2 Rules

SOLO TRIALS GAINESVILLE MARCH 4 AND 5 Just want to remind anyone who is going to the Solo Trials on March 4 and 5 at Gainesville and staying at the Best Western Gateway that reservations need to be made by February 3. On this date the block will be removed. Also, February 27 is the deadline for registration. You must mail in the registration form to Cheryl Poindexter in order to attend. Also, this is NOT a regular Solo 2 event. Please do not just show up at the event and expect to be able to participate.
Gainesville Update
The surface is not "Better" than the track. Sorry for the misinformation. It does however allow for a LOT more creativity. Stay in touch we'll try to get a course map.
The Gainesville event on Feb 5th will be held in the parking lot, NOT the track. Sources involved say that the parking lot surface is even better than the track.
FYI The Solo Trials on the 4th and 5th of March is a TWO day event. You need only fill out one form. I wanted to straighten that out for you as we have been getting a few questions on the subject.
New Changes!
As you can see we have a little different look for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for even more enhancements.
We would like to congratulate each and every one of our East and West Coast Champions on their great performances this year. So that there are no questions later on, anyone in first, second or third place in their class or in the pax time results will be getting a trophy. We hope to see you at the annual banquet to pick up your trophies.

Also, as Garry and I step down as Solo Chairmen this year, we want to thank each and everyone of you who helped make the Solo Program what it is today. We have enjoyed the friendships that we have made and the time spent racing. Please continue to help Tim and Dat as they take over. We are proud of the CFR Solo Program and know that we will continue to feel that way! See you in the future.

Annual Banquet Reminder
Please make your hotel reservation by November 2, 2005. It is the Holiday Inn Resort in Cocoa Beach. The number is 783-2271. Rooms are being held until this date only at the price of $73 plus tax. Mention CFR to get the special rate.
Also, don't forget to send in your registration form so that you can choose your main dish for the banquet. Otherwise, you may end up with the "Chef's Surprise".
The last points event of 2005 is the Deland event on October 30th
year end Annual Meeting

Registration form for the year end Annual Meeting
Bill's Memorial Service

A memorial service will be held at Beckman-Williamson Funeral Home at 3:00 pm this Friday, 101 Brevard Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL. Following the memorial will be a celebration of Bills life at 5:00 pm at The Beach Shack, 1 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL.
Fellow Racer Lost!

We want to let everyone know that Bill DiSorbo passed away on Sunday September 18, 2005 at home. The following is a note that we received from his son Dave.

My father passed away last night after fighting that uphill battle with cancer. We want to thank you and the rest of the CFR SCCA community for everything the last few months. The visits the last two weeks brightened his day where it was difficult for him to find energy. All the cards and calls showed the support and compassion that only a tight group of friends could give. And the thoughts and prayers, I would like to think, were well received. Finally, the plaque that you presented him was incredible and will be cherished in one of six living rooms across the country.
It would be nice for us, his family, if you could remember Bill for his humorous demeanor, his passion for racing, and his generosity (what other M-Coupe had been driven by half of Florida?). I’m sure that would mean a lot to him as well.
We will be holding a memorial service Thursday. I will send out the information after we make the arrangements. Thanks again! Dave
Brookesville Events

This is a reminder to everyone. If you are going to attend the events at Brooksville, you MUST be preregistered at MyAutoEvents.com. You must preregister by the Saturday before the event or the date listed at MyAutoEvents.com. It is the airport's rule, (due to 9-11) not ours, that you must be on the list in order to enter the track. No exceptions can be made. We would recommend that you preregister even if there is just the slightest chance that you may be going. If you don't show up, there is no harm done. If you show up and have not signed up, you will be turned away.

In order to qualify for a year end trophy, the following number of races must be met.

For the West Coast, you will need 4 events. Only the top 4 races will be counted for each driver. These include the events at Brooksville and Gainesville.

For the East Coast, you will need 8 events. These include the events at DeLand and Ft. Pierce (IRCC).

If any races have to be cancelled in Aug, Sept or Oct, these numbers would be reconsidered.

We would like to see everyone at the year end banquet in Cocoa Beach. You do not have to get a trophy to attend. It is a lot of fun to get together and talk with everyone.

Also, many thanks to Tim Reardon who has stepped up to be Solo Chairman next year with assistance from Dat Nguyen.

Region Changes

Some of you may be sad to hear the following news and some of you may celebrate. Garry and I have decided that at the annual meeting in December we will be stepping down as Solo Chairmen. It is time for us to return to doing other things that we enjoy, such as traveling (you never should have let us go to the Grand Canyon!) and also time for the Solo program to have new blood running it. We want to thank everyone who has helped make the Solo program the success that it is – we COULD NOT have done it without each and every one of you. We are sure that the program will continue to be a success. At this time, we have someone in mind to take our places. We already have East and West Coast Coordinators and great core groups. What we need most is someone to drive the East Coast Truck to the events and a trophy Chairman (this is needed for both coasts). Please contact us if you are interested. If you have been saying to yourself "Gee, I really need to help out more", this is your opportunity.
We have talked to our contact, Ed, at DeLand and the dirt road into the runway is not passable. Not only does it have water on it, but other spots have become a mud bog that only trucks would be able to get down. Sorry to have to do this, but we will try to run there in August barring any more rain.
Brooksville July 9th and 10th
Please note - The July 9 and 10 event at Brooksville is a points event BOTH days.
DeLand event on July 17, 2005
Please watch the website for any changes to the DeLand event on July 17, 2005. We have been informed that the dirt road has swamp water going over it at this point, not just a puddle. We will keep you informed as we get updated info, but if they keep getting rain, we may not be able to get in. You may call us next week, Friday or Saturday at 321-258-8182 to check on the status of the event and we will post it here if it has to be cancelled.

Due to circumstances beyond the club's control, we have to cancel the Solo II Event at Sebring on June 4 & 5, 2005. Sebring has decided to leave the backstretch in the 12 hour configuration (complete with cement walls) which does not allow enough room to put on a safe and decent event. If you have made hotel reservations, please remember that some hotels require 72 hours cancellation notice. Sorry for the short notice, but we were just made aware of this situation.

Evolution Driving School !

There are still 2 spots available for Phase II of the Evolution Driving School being held on Sunday, May 1, 2005 at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce. You have to have taken Phase I to be eligible. If you are interested, please contact Cheryl at 321-259-6181 before Friday Morning April 29. The fee for this school is $200.
12-Hour BoomerX Hits TD Waterhouse!
Spots are still available for the "BoomerX" 12hr Autocross March 5th at the TD Waterhouse parking lot in Orlando. Go to www.myautoevents.com for more details. A fun event with lots of seat time. Course map
2005 SEDiv Solo2 Schedule Announcement!
The new schedule has been released and is available now. Check it out here.
2004 Year End Results have been posted
Please remember that if you raced at Sebring, it can only count towards the East Coast or the West Coast Points, but not both. We hope to see a lot of you at the annual banquet on December 11, 2004 in Orlando at the Holiday Inn InterCoastal on International Drive. If you plan on attending, please send in your reservations now. It will cost you more to get in, if you register on the day of the event. If we do not see you there, we hope that everyone has a great Holiday Season and Happy New Year! See you next year at the races! Take a peek at the new 2005 Schedule
CFR will be holding the Florida State Championship Autocross, sponsored by Consumer Car Care, on November 14 at the Brooksville Airport. Preregistration is required for all participants (drivers and non drivers alike) in order to get on the site. This event is also limited to the first 150 drivers! Sign up now at MyAutoEvents.com or send in your registration form from the flyer on the schedule.
Hurricane Update

We hope that everyone has made it through the hurricanes with minimal damage.
Even though the Hurricanes hit Ft. Pierce pretty hard, we will be holding our event on Oct 9 & 10. There are NO Hotels available in the area, so don't plan on staying in the area. The closest place to stay is Boca. It also looks like we will be able to have the DeLand event on Oct 17. If they get more flooding, we will let you know.
As far as the number of events required for a year end trophy, The East Coast number will be 6. The West Coast will remain at 4. The point series ends on October 31.
The DeLand event scheduled for Sunday, September 26 has been cancelled due to the projected path of Hurricane Jeanne. The number of events required for the end of the year awards will be adjusted. Hope everyone stays safe. - Garry and Cheryl, Solo Chairmen
We do not know for sure at this time whether there will be an event at DeLand Airport on Sept. 26th. They have been having a lot of flooding in the area due to the storms. Please keep an eye on the website. We may not know until a day or two before the scheduled date.
Year End Info
To be eligible for a year end trophy, for the East Coast you will need to have attended 8 points events. East Coast events include BCC, IRCC, DeLand and Sebring. For the West Coast you will need 5 points events, which includes Gainesville, Brooksville and Sebring. The points series ends on October 31, 2004. For anyone who attends the annual meeting, we will be giving out punch cards with 6 out of the 8 punches prepunched. It will be held at the Holiday Inn on I-Drive in Orlando this year on December 10-12.
New Event
Brooksville, Aug 28th and 29th. All participants must pre-register via MyAutoEvents.com
New Event
Brooksville, July 17th and 18th. All participants must pre-register via MyAutoEvents.com
Sebring News
No "Jr Kart" class at Sebring. Please bring your own fluids and food. Please plan on attending the Social after the event at the Kenilworth Lodge, food and drinks provided!
Other News SEDIV event June 19-20 at Gainesville will count as one event toward West Coast points.
Important News
We are looking for volunteers to help prepare the new Brookesville event site for use. The site is an unused runway that has grass growing between the slabs of pavement that needs to be killed and/or removed before anything else can be done. Though this is extremely short notice, this is to be done this Sat., the 8th of May. We must enter the site as one group, since the gate can only be opened once. With that in mind everyone will need to be there at the same time. A time has not been set so that we can select one that will work for those who volunteer (expect a time before noon). Also, directions will be sent to those who email me. Please contact Albert Popalis via this email.
SportsCar Magazine
If you have received more than one copy of the SportsCar Magazine this month, please email Mike Dickerson at mdickerson@scca.com, so that he can correct the problem. They have a new software program and they have to manually unclick the second person so that two magazines are not sent to the same address. Please email your name and address.
Solo Trials
If you are going to be attending the Solo Trials and have not made reservations at the Best Western Gateway Grand, you need to do so ASAP. Our block of rooms is being held until Friday March 26. It may be extended a couple of days, but the hotel is filling up and they need to get the reservations made. Also, there is a $30 late fee if you do not register by April 19th!!!
Solo Trials
Registration is now open for the Solo Trials Event. The event will be limited in the number of participants, so please register early. Payment is required at the time of registration. Forms are available on the schedule page. If you have any questions, please email Cheryl at pylonracer99@att.net.
Technical Difficulties
Oops, technical difficulties did not allow us to print all the runs from todays practice. Don't worry though, I've got you covered, final, pax. Disclaimer: Practice results are not always the same quality as event results so no questions please.
The March 20th Deland Practice has been cancelled. The event on that Sunday, the 21st, will go on as originally scheduled.
have been posted.
The VCC event originally scheduled for November 23rd has been cancelled. Also, check the Media links for pictures and video of Daytona from last weekend.
Annual Bash
The annual bash for CFR will be held in Plant City on December 5,6 and 7th. The workers lunch is on Saturday and the awards banquet is on Saturday night. It is a fun time to get together with everyone. Please plan to join us. There is a registration form in the Checker magazine. If you do not get the Checker, email us and we will get the information to you.
November 1 Autocross at Daytona Speedway. If you are bringing your car on a trailer, go to the tunnel and purchase a ticket to the speedway and then go to Gate 7 between 7:00-7:30am Saturday morning to get across the track. After 7:30 you will park your trailer at NASCAR turn 4 (East side)and drive through the tunnel.
Schedule correction for Gainesville weekend of October 11th and 12th. Saturday is a practice day and Sunday is a points event. See the corrected flyer for more details.
A new event has been added to the schedule. An East Coast Solo II Non-Points event at Daytona International Speedway. Flyer.
Solo II Novice Handbook
anks go out to Kate Hughes of the Glen Region SCCA, Painted Post, New York for allowing us to use her excellent Solo II Novice Handbook
are eligible for a trophy from the Sebring events, the Palm Bay June event or the Palm Bay July event and you have not already contacted Cheryl Poindexter, please email her at sewbit@att.net to let her know whether you want a trophy or punch card for your win.
let me know
bulletin board system has been replaced. Previous members will have to re-register and old ads will have to be re-placed, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Advertisers, if you need any information from ads placed on the old board let me know.
I would like to thank everyone for their help and support at the Sebring and Palm Bay races in June. As you may or may not know, my father fell and broke his hip May 31. He passed away on June 21 after numerous complications. Thanks also for the flowers, sympathy cards and prayers. They were greatly appreciated.
Cheryl Poindexter and Family
Attention Sebring racers. This message is for all of you that did not get your trophies for the recent Sebring event. Trophies or punch cards will be available, for all qualified drivers, at upcoming East and West coast events.
This weekends NEW course maps for Sebring have been posted.
Lots of schedule additions and all of the results have been regenerated with the new PAX multipliers.
Florida State Fairground events are now posted, see the schedule for dates. Event flyers to come soon.
The Classifieds Section is now available
Course maps for April 6th and 27th events
New and old results are now online. 2003 standings are also now available.
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