What I ask for from contributing photographers is that they go through the shots and edit out anything that doesn't represent the club in a respectful manner, do not send a bunch of picures of your own car but sequences are ok, send only the best shots, quality and action. Most important, resize them all to 640x480.

If you have the ability to create an album yourself then use the CFR Photoshop Template provided here. Zip the html and pictures up together and I will use your compilation. If you are not familiar with Photoshop and can not then just zip all the pictures together, they should all be in the same directory, and send the zip file to the webmaster email address. Keep single zip files down to 4mb's. Send the zip files in seperate emails.

The sooner you get the pictures, after an event, the better. It has not been a problem yet, as there are only a couple of other contributing photographers, but making the albums takes a bunch of time. Yes, it is automated somewhat, but the process requires I have space for all the pictures together at one time. If someone sends me their pics a weel later I will need all of them together recreate the album. Then the albums need to be uploaded again. That can take hours, again it is automated somewhat. You can imagine the pain if I have to do this multiple times. I will usually wait a week to post pictures.

I will give you credit for your shots so that if anyone is interested they can contact you. One problem with mixing pics from multiple photographers is that nobody actually knows which of the photographers took what pictures. It hasn't been a problem yet. No tags on the shots please. The idea is to provide a usable shot for participants. No advertising. The way I figure it is if somebody likes your shot they can send you thanks or request an original. I have had many people thank me for the shots my wife and I have been taking so the people really appreciate it.

The same goes for links to other websites that contain CFR Solo related pictures. We have been using them but it is not my intention to give advertising but provide content to all those interested in CFR related activities.

Where to put the CFR Photoshop Template