SCCA Region Locator This link takes you to the SCCA's national web site where you can locate the region nearest you. Use the next link if you want general Solo II information from the SCCA. SCCA Autocross Information from the Sports Car Club of America (the national web site) on one-car-at-a-time competition around an autocross track! With your street vehicle! (Yes, people compete in everything from Vipers to Saturns -- but the Vipers don't compete against the Saturns!). Car Classifications Take a look here if you're not sure what class your vehicle will be competing in. The webmaster has excerpted a portion of the 2002 Solo II Rulebook which describes some of the modifications allowed. Check here for information on what Stock, Street Touring, and similar terms mean. Central Florida Region SCCA This site includes information on all forms of SCCA racing going on in the Central Florida Region, not just Solo II autocrossing. For instance, CFR has a large following among Club racers... [South] Florida Region SCCA Home page for the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. Also, many of the events in this area are dual-events conducted with the South Florida Sports Car Association. Buccaneer Region SCCA Solo II This is the Jacksonville(Florida)/South Carolina SCCA region. This is a new site, developing quickly. You may want to check here if you live along the east coast of Florida or in southern Georgia or South Carolina. FAST(formerly SunRiders Miata Club) Their pages have the contact information you'll need. Looks like they are currently holding events at Brooksville and Tampa Greyhound track Martin Sports Car Club This site is the home page for the Orlando-based Martin Sports Car Club. They've lost their site at Lockheed Martin and have begun running at BCC, just like our east coast contingent. Their events are usually the second Sunday of every month. GulfCoast Autocrossers, Ltd. This site is the home page for the Ft. Myers-based crowd. They have their races at Buckingham airfield, with events on the first weekend of every month (with a couple exceptions). Check their web site for details. Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club (Florida) Serves Miami - Ft Lauderdale - West Palm Beach and vicinity. Check their web site for details. Tampa Bay Porsche Club They hold events 4-6 times a year, sometimes in conenction with the local BMW club. Visit their web page for calendar and entry information. (URL has changed; go to and follow the links from there.) Evolution Driving School These people run autocross schools around the country. Since they are now based in Florida, particularly in CFR, we're happy to provide a link to them. Visit their web page for calendar and registration information. Solo Pro Driving School Regardless of your current skill level or background, SoloPro Driving School has a class suited to your needs. Visit their web page for calendar and registration information. Dixie Region/SCCA They are the SCCA region to the north and west of CFR, out towards the Florida panhandle and further.


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