Policies and Procedures Manual: Chief of Timing and Scoring


The Chief of Timing and Scoring is responsible for the timing and scoring of competitors.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ensure that prior to the event the Chief Registrar has class time posting and scoring sheets, a roll of tape, and several pens.

  2. During the Registration portion of the event, the Chief of Timing and Scoring should be available to post names of the competitors on the time posting and scoring sheets and to sort the timing and scoring cards in a manner that allows for easy use by the Timing Personnel during the event, including data entry into the computerized system, as applicable. This could be delegated to the Chief of Tech Inspection, if conditions permit.

  3. Assist in the setup of the PA system, timing, and radio equipment. Check that the equipment is working properly. In particular, setup of the computerized timing system, including testing of the timing lights and computer equipment (including printer) before the event begins. Preferably before the Driver's Meeting.

  4. Arrange for a sufficient number of qualified people to handle announcing, timing, and scoring duties of the event.

  5. Brief each worker shift in the operation of the timing and radio equipment and how to score competitors timing and scoring cards.

  6. Ensure that the timing and scoring workers post competitors times and penalties on the timecards correctly. Try to leave a written audit trail whenever possible for use in resolving possible timing and scoring disputes.

  7. Ensure that the competitors times and pylon penalties are correctly posted to the scoring board in a timely manner. Times and pylon penalties can then be entered into a computer for the Official Results computerized printout.

  8. Attempt to resolve competitors timing and scoring disputes. If a dispute cannot be settled, contact the Event Chairman.

  9. At the end of the first runs, determine the bumping of classes and the number of trophies to be awarded in each class, on the scoring sheets.

  10. Before awards presentation, determine the class ranking of each competitor on the posting sheets and assist the Event Chairman in the presentation of the awards. Make sure that the Trophy Chairman is given a list of those competitors receiving awards so that trophies and/or plates can be ordered.

  11. See that the person who volunteered to compile the computerized Official Results of the event, receives all the scoring sheets and timing and scoring cards.