Policies and Procedures Manual: Chief Technical Inspector


The Chief Tech Inspector is responsible for assuring compliance of all competing vehicles with the SCCA SOLO I & II Rules and Supplemental Regulations pertaining to vehicle and driver safety only.

The duties of the Chief Tech Inspector include:

  1. Arrive at event site early enough to open Tech Inspection at the same time Event Registration opens (normally one-half hour prior).

  2. Ensure that the Tech Inspection Assistants are familiar with SCCA SOLO I & II Rules and Supplemental Regulations.

  3. Assist competitors in the classing of their vehicle.

  4. Ensure that competitors understand vehicle identification requirements and that all vehicles are properly identified. SCCA SOLO II rules require car numbers of 8 inches in height and class letters of 4 inches in height or taller. Vehicles must have such designations on both sides of the vehicle and plainly legible from a 50 foot distance.

  5. Ensure that Tech is closed during the Driver's Meeting.

  6. Ensure that Tech Inspection closes no sooner than the advertised time. Tech Inspection after the beginning of the timed runs will be at the discretion of the Event Chairman, the Chief Registrar, and the Chief Tech Inspector.

  7. Bring any protest to the attention of the Protest Chairman, or to the Event Chairman if a Protest Chairman has not been assigned for the event.

  8. Personally perform or appoint qualified representatives to perform the Tech Inspection functions as described in Section 3.3 of the SOLO I & II Rulebook and determine that the driver's safety equipment (helmets, seat belts, footwear, etc) conform to the rules described in Section 4.3.

  9. Provide the official in charge of Course Worker assignments with a list of all competitors who worked tech inspection during the event.

  10. The Chief Tech Inspector may prevent a vehicle from competing if the vehicle does not meet safety guidelines. All infractions should be noted on the Timing and Scoring card. Minor infractions may be acceptable on a one-time-only basis.

  11. Ensure that Tech Inspection forms are properly completed. At certain events, the Tech Inspector may be expected to complete and/or verify Product Contingency forms.

  12. The Chief Tech Inspector may also be in charge of Impound Inspection at events that require impound procedures.