Policies and Procedures Manual: Chief of Registration


The Chief Registrar is responsible for registration of all entrants and collection of all revenues.

Duties shall include:

  1. Arrive at the event site early enough to open registration at the published time (normally arrive one-half hour prior).

  2. Ensure that the following items are available in sufficient quantity at registration:

    1. SCCA Insurance Waiver Forms (and any Special Site Waivers)

    2. Registration/Tech Forms

    3. SCCA membership applications

    4. Worker assignment sheets

    5. Timing Posting Sheets (coordinate with Chief of Posting)

    6. Supplemental regulations

  3. Ensure that each entrant has a valid state drivers license.

  4. Ensure that each SCCA member has a valid SCCA Membership Card.

  5. Ensure that each entrant sign insurance/site waivers and worker assignment forms.

  6. Ensure that each entrant pays the appropriate entry fee(s).

  7. Ensure that each entrant takes a fully completed Event Registration and Tech Inspection form(s) to Tech Inspection.

  8. Ensure that Registration is closed during Driver's Meeting.

  9. Provide the official in charge of Course Worker assignments with a list of all competitors who worked registration during the event. These individuals have already fulfilled their work assignment for the day.

  10. Ensure that Registration closes no sooner than the advertised time. Registration of entrants after the start of the Driver's Meeting will be at the discretion of the Event Chairman, the Chief Registrar, and the Chief Tech Inspector.

  11. Do not reimburse anyone for purchases directly related to the event (course marking materials, trophies, etc). Event officials should submit requests for reimbursement to the CFR/SCCA Club Treasurer with the approval of the CFR/SCCA SOLO Program Chairman.

  12. Ensure that the number of entries agrees with the total entry fees collected and create an Event Summary. This information will be used by the event organizer to prepare the SCCA Audit Form. Revenues from fun runs (if any), merchandise sales, and new SCCA memberships should also be included in the Event Summary. Submit the Event Summary and funds collected to the CFR/SCCA Regional Treasurer within 48 hours. AT NO TIME SHOULD THE CASH AND/OR CHECKS OF THE EVENT ENTRY FEES EVER BE PLACED IN A PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT, WITH THE PLAN TO WRITE CFR/SCCA A CHECK FOR THE AMOUNT OF THE PROCEEDS!! Arrangements may be made with the CFR/SCCA Club Treasurer for the Registrar to deposit event proceeds directly into the Region's bank account.

  13. Prepare audit form(reconciliation) and prepare deposit slip. Email treasurer reconciliation form and make deposit.

  14. Send a copy of the CFR/SCCA SOLO Event Summary to the CFR/SCCA SOLO II Program Chairman and assist in preparing the SCCA SOLO II Audit Form to be sent to the SCCA National Office with the appropriate sanction and insurance fees.