Policies and Procedures Manual: Driving Instructor


The duties of the Driving Instructor are very important and should not be taken lightly. The Driving Instructor should be of the proper temperament that will encourage newcomers to autocrossing to become enthusiastic about autocrossing and to inspire them to continue to participate at future CFR/SCCA SOLO II Events.

The Driving Instructor should conduct a brief meeting for Novices before the regular Driver's Meeting. Instructions to the Novices should include a discussion on a course worker's responsibilities and duties (see Course Worker Guidelines). The Driving Instructor should explain what determines an "off course" and when and how a pylon penalty should be assessed. After the Novice's Meeting, the Driving Instructor should lead a group walk-through of the course, pointing out the proper lines and possible pitfalls (this walk-through is not limited to Novices only).

The Driving Instructor should be available for questions during the event and make rounds of the paddock to chat with the Novices on subjects such as how to determine the proper tire pressure, alignment settings, and so on.

The Driving Instructor should try to view each Novice's run to provide a constructive critique and the Driving Instructor can also offer to ride with each Novice, to give the Novice personalized driving instruction and constructive criticisms. (If the Driving Instructor will be driving while the Novice is a passenger, this will not count as a timed run for that Novice. Only one such training lesson will be permitted during a race event, but many such runs can be made during practice events or "fun runs", if available. The Driving Instructor should inform the Staging personnel that the run should be timed, but not accrued as a run for the Novice.)

Remember, newcomers are the future of the CFR/SCCA SOLO II Program. They need to be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to attend future events, even in the face of adversity or embarrassment.