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Solo® is the SCCA brand name for autocross competition. Solo events are driving skill contests that emphasize the driver's ability and the car's handling characteristics. This is accomplished by driving a course that is designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip. Cars compete within classes grouped by similar performance capabilities.  All runs through the course are timed, and the car in each class with the fastest time through the course is the winner of that class. There is only one car on any part of the course at a time. In other words, you will never be “wheel-to-wheel” with another car. At each event, drivers will get about 4-5 runs through the course. While speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and car feedback creates an adrenaline pumping experience.  The SCCA annually publishes the Solo Rules to classify a full range of imported and domestic sports cars, sedans, and purpose-built race cars, as well as to layout the rules behind Solo competition. The SCCA also publishes the Stock Classifications to make it easy to determine the stock Solo Class for most unmodified cars. All Rules can be downloaded here: SCCA Rules Downloads Page

Solo/Autocross is the safest (and some say the most inexpensive) form of “racing” for both driver and car.  The majority of drivers bring out their daily drivers, though there are those who bring modified streetcar “toys” as well as purpose built race cars.  Almost any kind of car is welcome as long as it meets restrictions on high-center-of-gravity or rollover tendency.  Our courses are set up to mitigate most risks to car and driver, with the worst damage coming in the form of a rubber scuff from hitting a cone (these polish right off). However, we can’t eliminate all risk of damage due to immovable obstacles on a given site. It is up to the driver to maintain control of his vehicle and not drive beyond the limits of either driver skill or vehicle capability.

Our events are fun and informal.  Everyone is welcome from the seasoned veteran to the brand new novice driver.  We provide an instructor program to help novices get started and even give the veterans a tip or two if they ask.  We typically put on about 20 events per year and those are a mix of practice events and points events.  Practice events are just that, practice.  They are run the same as any other event except that no points or trophies are awarded.  They are intended to provide the opportunity to test changes/set-ups before trying them out in a points event.  Ride-alongs and instruction are open to all, not just novices; it is a learning day.

Points events are events where Event Class Trophies are awarded and Class Championship Points are awarded.   Ride-alongs are restricted to novice-instructors, non-competitors, or competitors who have already made all of their runs.  This keeps the competition fair for all.


SCCA Membership – Worth the Money

Every participant at an SCCA event must be a member of SCCA for insurance purposes.  This means if you do not have an annual membership, you must purchase a weekend membership which adds $10 to the cost of each event/weekend.  However, the SCCA gives you an incentive to join SCCA with an annual membership by discounting your annual membership fee by $15. You actally get back the $10 you paid for the weekend membership, plus an additional $5 toward your annual membership.  In fact, you can apply up to two weekend membership fees to your annual membership fee discount as long as they were incurred within 60days of your annual membership purchase.  This means no risk to you to come out and try one or more of our events!

Types of Memberships
If you are between 18 and 24 years old, you can get a “First Gear” membership for only $45/year.  So joining SCCA will pay for itself after three events.

If you are over 24, a standard individual SCCA annual membership is $85/year.  This membership will pay for itself after six events.   Also if you are an active member of the US military, you get a $35 rebate after joining.  Just send a copy of your orders or military ID card to the SCCA and they’ll send you a rebate.

Finally if you are a family of drivers (husband and wife or the whole family with children under age 21), you can get a family membership for only $110!  This saves you $10/per driver/per event, so that adds up quickly to pay for itself.

New Member Perks
New members are entitled to a new member event card.  If you just joined SCCA (not renewed, but joined for the first time), just let us know the date you joined and we’ll give you a buy 3 get 1 free event card.  On your fourth event, you’ll get a freebie!


Schedule for Events

This is a typical event schedule. Some events may run a slightly different schedule, so check the schedule posted with each event listing.

7:00am – Site opens

8:00am - 9:00am – Onsite Registration/Check-in (everyone must check in by 9am)

Note: $10 late fee applied for registration/check-in after 9:00am, no registration/ check-in after 9:30am

8:00am - 9:30am - Tech Inspection

8:30am - 9:30am - Course Open for walking

9:15am - 9:45am - Novice Walk-through

9:45am - 10:00am - Driver’s Meeting (course closed for walking)

10:00am - 4:00pm (approx.) – Competition


Registering for an Event

There are two ways register for each event: Pre-registration online, and day-of registration onsite.  Pre-registration is recommended because it makes onsite check-in much quicker since you will have entered most of your information online.  However if you miss the online registration deadline, no problem, you can register onsite until 9am at each event.

Online Pre-Registration
To pre-register online, go to, and create an account.  Currently you must create a separate account for each driver you plan to register for an event.  Be sure to enter your SCCA membership data (if a member), or you will need to "Join" as a weekend member for each event. Note: If a non-member joins SCCA at the event or within 60 days of the event, the weekend membership fee can be discounted from the annual membership fee.  Up to two of these weekend membership fees can be applied to the annual membership fee.

Once you have created your account, go to the event calendar and select “Central Florida Region SCCA” and “Autocross All” in the filter boxes to display our events.  Click on “Register” for the event you wish to enter. If you have a valid SCCA member number associated with your account, you will get to the information screen and then proceed to complete your registration information. If you do not have a valid SCCA membership, you will have to click on the "Join" button under the "Get Weekend Membership" section. This will add $10 to your registration fee and add a weekend membership number to your DLB account with valid dates for the event you are registering for. You will then be sent to the information screen where you can proceed through to the registration screen.

Note: If you are an SCCA member and are shown Verify/Weekend Membership screen, go to “Account Settings” then “Club Memberships” and edit your club membership.  Click the “Verify” button and it will update your membership status.  You should then be able to register as a member.

Entry Fee Selection
The dropdown will provide you with options depending on the event.  Some events are two-day events and you can register for one or both of the event days.   Note: For two-day events, the receipt you receive from DLB will show the first day of the event no matter what day you registered for.  Don’t worry, you will be registered for the day you selected.

Class Selection
If you have never done Solo/Autocross before or maybe only a couple of times before, you must register as a Novice for your first three events.  The novice class will be represented in the drop-down box as “NS” for Novice Street (tire), or “NR” for Novice Race (tire).  Most novices do not have R-compound tires on their car; however, occasionally a novice will share a car with a non-novice who has R-compound tires.  If this is the case, choose NR.

If you are not a novice, you select your class one of two ways: 1) If you have an unmodified car, choose from the Stock/Street Classifications list, or 2) If you have modifications, look in the Solo Rules starting in Chapter 13 and look for modifications allowed in the Street classes. If your modifications are allowed in a street class, then choose your class from the Stock/Street Classifications list. If your modifications are beyond those allowed in Street, move to Chapter 14 to see if you qualify in the Street R Classes. If your modifications violate the Street R Classes, the move on to the Street Touring Classes, then Street Prepared, then Street Modified, Prepared, then Modified until you find the right class. Note: Be sure to check Appendix A for inclusion/exclusion rules for each modified car in the non-stock classes.

All Rules can be downloaded here: SCCA Rules Downloads Page

Number Selection
Select any number from the drop down list. Be aware that you will need to create this number on both door panels of your car using tape, pre-printed numbers, magnetic numbers, etc. You can reserve permanent numbers associated with your DLB Racing account by clicking this link. (See below for number size requirements). Note that you must be an SCCA member and have non-paper/non-tape numbers to be issued a permanent number.

Work Assignment
If you are a novice, select “Course Work”.  If you are not a novice and have experience in one of the other listed positions, select that position if desired.  Be sure to let us know how many autocrosses you have attended.  Also be aware that the work assignments are first come first served and are also not guaranteed.  Work assignments have to be adjusted based on heats and the number of specific-skilled persons in each heat so sometimes not everyone can get what they requested.

Remaining Information
Complete the Driver, Emergency Contact and Car Information and click "Continue"

Registration Summary/Payment Screen
On this screen you should see a summary of what you've registered for, including all charges. If you have an Event Credit, you will see an Event Credit box below the Registration Fees. You can apply your credit in this box before checking out. Under Payment Method, you can choose Credit, or Pay with a Check (or cash) at the event.

Pre-payment using a credit card is the best choice becuase you can get in the pre-registered/pre-paid check-in line on-site and breeze through check in.

Onsite Registration
If you do not pre-register online, you can register at any event onsite as long as you arrive before 9am. We only accept cash or check at onsite registration.

Refund Policy
If you pre-register and pre-pay for an event but cannot make the event, in order to get an event credit or refund,

through your DlbRacing account . You will shortly be issued an event credit that can be used on DlbRacing for a future CFR SCCA event. If you would like a credit card refund instead of an event credit, you must specifically send an email to requesting a credit card refund instead of an event credit.

Event credits are good for one year from the date of the event that you pre-registered for.

Note: This refund policy may be modified for specific events. Be sure to check the registration acknowledgements data on the registration site for event-specific refund policies.


Minor Participation Information - IMPORTANT

Minors can participate in our events, but they must have completed minor waiver.  All minor waivers must be completed only once per calendar year.  Minor waivers not completed in the presence of an event official must be notarized.  The following are the requirements for various minor participation:

As attendees (basically spectators):  A minor waiver must be completed and signed by at least one parent or guardian.  This is necessary for a minor to be onsite at an event.

As drivers or passengers:  A minor waiver must be completed and signed by both parents or legal guardians unless one parent or guardian has sole custody.    Minors between 8-15 years old may compete in the FJ classes as drivers.  Minors between 15-18 years old may compete in the car classes but must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit.  Minors between 12-18 years old may ride along as a passenger of a non-novice.


Novice Information

If you are new to Solo, have done just a few events in the past, or it’s been a long time since you’ve done it, you should register as a novice and take advantage of our novice driver program.  All novice program benefits are free of charge.

At the beginning of each event, there is an instructed novice walk-through of the course.  This is mandatory for all drivers registered in a novice class, but all are welcome to come along and listen to what the instructor has to say.  During this walk through, the instructor will give a briefing on what to expect throughout the day, explain cone penalties, general course working, and how to read the course directional cones as a driver.  Once all this has been briefed, you will walk through the course as a group and the instructor will explain each element of the course and what to do when.  It is highly recommended that you walk the course at least twice before the novice walk-through to generally familiarize yourself with the course.  You will not have the opportunity to walk it again after the novice walk-through because the course closes for walking and the general drivers meeting starts immediately following the novice walk-through.

In addition to the novice walk-through, we also provide a “Ride and Drive” program for drivers registered in the novice class.  This means that a novice instructor can ride-along with you, direct you along the course as necessary, and give you some pointers after your run.  Following this, you can have the instructor take you on an instructor-driven run in your car to show you the driving line, braking points, etc.  This is highly recommended as it is a real eye-opener and most novices improve their time by multiple seconds after taking advantage of this benefit.  At most events the instructor driven run does not count against your run total for the event.  However at certain high-turnout events with many novices, the run may count.  If that is the case, an announcement will be made during the novice walk-through and then again at the driver’s meeting. In either case, only one instructor driven run can be given during an event, but the instructor may ride along with you on each one of your runs if you choose.

Novices may not have any passengers other than instructors.

For more information, check out the Novice Handbook.  The write-up is somewhat old, but the information is basically the same and will give you a great idea of what to expect at an event.


Vehicle and Equipment Requirements

If your vehicle is listed in the Stock Classifications, then you are good to go.  Other than that, the general rule of thumb is that anything can run except SUV’s and Minvans.  However, if you have any concerns about whether your car is allowed, take a look at the Solo Rules and/or ask us at   Mufflers are required on all cars.  Sound limit is 98db at 75 feet.  No Nitrous Oxide Bottles are allowed anywhere on site!

Tech Inspection
All vehicles must pass tech inspection.  To pass inspection, vehicles must meet the following requirements:

Vehicles must be inspected at each event unless you obtain an Annual Tech sticker each calendar year.  Annual Tech is only available to SCCA annual members.  Also you must have permanent magnetic or vinyl numbers to receive annual tech.

Numbers and class letters are required on both sides of all vehicles.  Numbers should be a minimum of 8” high and 1¼” stroke.  Class letters should be 4” high.  Numbers must be on the car before you go to tech!  Blue tape may be used to make numbers unless you have a blue car.  Also preprinted paper numbers are acceptable as long as they are securely taped to the car.

Helmets & Apparel
Helmets must be worn by both drivers and passengers.  Helmets must be Snell SA or M rated with 2000/2005/2010 standard.  DOT-only helmets are NOT acceptable.  If you do not have a helmet, we provide loaner helmets for free.
All drivers must have close-toed shoes.  No sandals, flip-flops or bare feet are allowed. Driver/Fire suits are not required in cars, but abrasion resistant suits, full face helmets, gloves, and shoes are required for all kart drivers.  Drivers of open wheel/cockpit cars should wear long sleeves.


Other CFR Sites

In addition to this site, we have Solo-specific website, a Facebook page, and our DLB Racing events calendar/registration site. - This is a site dedicated to the CFR Solo program. It has our annual event calendar, a news section, all of our event results going back to 2003 and beyond, forms, rule books, waivers, and much more. - This is the social site for us.  Here you can post and see event pictures, videos, etc, start/participate in conversations about various things, or ask questions.  Please “Like” us to help spread the word of our club to your Facebook friends. – This is the site to register for all of our events.  In the calendar section filter on Central Florida Region SCCA, Autocross – All. - The main Central Florida Region SCCA web site - The Central Florida Region SCCA PDX web site - Central Florida Region SCCA Rally Cross web site