2015 Trophy Rules

The 2015 Class Championship season will consist of nineteen (19) total points events.  Eleven (11) of these events are considered “East Coast” events, seven (7) are considered “West Coast” events (Brooksville), and one (1) is a “joint” event (Sebring). 

The class championships will draw from the combined East and West events to comprise an overall CFR Solo Class Championship season and will require 50% + 1 participation in all events.  With 19 events, currently this equates to 10 events on the season.  Since there are only 8 West Coast events (7 West, 1 joint) this requires competitors who reside on the West side of the state to travel to at least 2 East Coast events to qualify for a Class Championship trophy.  Therefore to be fair, the 2015 Class Championship rules include a requirement for everyone to attend at least 2 West Coast events to qualify for Class Championship Trophy. 

Event Trophy Rules and Points Rules

1.     Event trophies will be awarded through 3rd place for each class at an event designated as a “Points Event”, assuming enough drivers qualify through this position.  A place trophy is awarded for each 2.5 competitors (i.e. 1st:1-4, 2nd: 5-7, 3rd: 8 and up).

2.     If there is only one competitor in a given class, the SCCA Bumping Order rules will be applied to create a class of at least two competitors where possible. (See APPENDIX J - BUMPING ORDER in the SCCA Solo Rules book)

3.     Drivers who trophy have the option of accepting a physical trophy with a nameplate to be picked up at a future event, or receive punches on a CFR Solo Event Punch Card.  Punches are awarded 1st – 3rd at the following values: 3, 2, 1. A driver who accumulates 10 punches can redeem those punches for a free regular event entry.

4.     Class Championship Points will be awarded in the competitor’s registered class, and no bumping will be applied.  Points are awarded 1st – 6th at the following values respectively: 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

5.     Competitors wishing to earn a class trophy and class championship points for a given event must not ride along with other drivers prior to the completion of their competition runs.  This includes instructors.  Every effort will be made to have instructors run in the 1st heat with novices running in later heats.  If this rule is violated, competitors are subject to disqualification for an event trophy and the corresponding points.


Class Championship Requirements:

1.     You must compete in and accrue points a minimum of 10 points events in the same class.

2.     Two (2) of the 10 points events must be at a West Coast or joint site (this can be Brooksville or Sebring).

3.     At the end of the season, points from each driver's best 10 points events will be counted.  In other words, the drivers lowest 9 event points results will be dropped.

4.     In the event of a tie, the driver with more head-to-head wins against the other driver will be awarded the class championship. If still tied, additional events will be included until the tie is broken to determine the class champion.

5.     Trophies will be awarded through 3rd place if at least three drivers complete the required number of qualifying events in a given class.

6.     Points cannot be transferred from one class to another class.

7.     It is the driver’s responsibility to know what class they belong in.

8.     If there are cancelled points events during the season, the minimum number of qualifying events may be reduced.

PAX Championship Requirements:

1.     X Class Championship and PAX Championship will be the same for 2015.

2.     To be eligible for the PAX Championship, drivers must compete in X Class at each qualifying event and meet all of the Class Championship Requirements above with the following modifications:

A)   Competitors may compete in different PAX-qualified X Subclasses at different events throughout the season (i.e. one in XAS, one in XBS, one in XFM, etc). 

B)   Non-eligible classes include Novice and other special non-PAX eligible classes.