2013 Trophy Rules

Class Championship:

The 2013 Class Championship season will consist of the 17 points events currently scheduled. There may be some additional points events added to the schedule for Brooksville. Due to the uncertainty about the Brooksville or other West Coast Events, there will be no requirement to attend those events to qualify. The following requirements must be met to qualify for the year end class championship:
  1. The driver must compete in at least 10 points events during the year
  2. The driver must compete in the same class for all 10 points events

At the end of the series, points from each driver's best 10 events will be counted. In the event of a tie, the driver with more head-to-head wins against the other driver will be awarded the class championship. If still tied, additional events will be included until the tie is broken to determine the class champion.

1st - 3rd places will be awarded to qualifying drivers in the class championships.

Points cannot be transferred from one class to another class. It is the driverís responsibility to know what class they belong in. (Note: If there are cancelled points events during the season, the minimum number of qualifying events may be reduced.)

PAX Championship:

The 2013 PAX Championship season runs in conjunction with the Class Championship season and has the same requirements with the following additions:

  1. PAX multipliers are used as posted by Rick Ruth: http://home.comcast.net/~paxrtp/rtp2013.html
  2. A driver can compete in different classes throughout the season and still be eligible for PAX Champion