Central Florida Region SCCA Solo II Count Down
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Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Jan 10  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Jan 17  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Feb 14  
Event # Solo II Points event, Valkaria Airport, Valkaria, Florida Valkaria Sat Feb 20  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Mar 06  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Mar 20 (C)
Event # Solo II Practice event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sat Apr 02  
Event # Solo II Points event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sun Apr 03  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Apr 17  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Sat May 07  
Event # Solo II Points event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Sun May 08  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun May 22  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Jun 05  
Event # Solo II Points event, Valkaria Airport, Valkaria, Florida Valkaria Sat Jun 25 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, BCC at Palm Bay, Palm Bay, Florida EFSC Sun Jun 26 (C)
Event # Solo II Practice event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sat Jul 09 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sun Jul 10 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Jul 24  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sat Aug 06  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Aug 07  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Aug 21 (C)
Event # Solo II Practice event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sat Aug 27  
Event # Solo II Points event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sun Aug 28  
Event # Solo II Points event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida TRSSS Sat Sep 17  
Event # Solo II Points event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Sun Sep 18  
Event # Solo II Points event, BCC at Palm Bay, Palm Bay, Florida EFSC Sun Sep 18 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Oct 02  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida Sebring Sat Oct 15 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida Sebring Sun Oct 16  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Oct 30 (C)
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Nov 20  

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FIT Boys



Okay folks; Just learning the "front end" portion of this thing called "Solo Chair". But I think I've gotten our first two events of the season, Brooksville, Fl Jan 10, 2016, and Deland, Fl Jan 17, 2016, up and available for registration on DlbRacing.com.

IMPORTANT for BROOKSVILLE: Note that due to some requirements imposed on us by the sight, Brooksville REQUIRES pre-registration, and that pre-registration must occur 10 days prior to the event, which in this case is Dec 31, 2015; New Year's Eve. So, register now while the registration is HOT!

Also, stay tuned to this space and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/cfrsolo2, for important announcements on our 2016 plans. This will include year end trophy rules, supplemental competition rules, and general plans to make our program an even better and more enjoyable program all of you, our CFR SCCA Solo competitors.

It's gonna be a great, great, year!!!


Championship Trophies
We will be handing out the Class Championship Trophies at the 2016 CFR SCCA Awards Banquet which will be Saturday, December 10th, starting at 5:00 PM in the evening. It is being held at the Marriott Bradenton Riverfront at 100 Riverfront Drive, Bradenton, Florida.

If you have participated in at least one CFR SCCA Solo event this year - Year End Trophy winner or not - we will be giving out a "completed" punch card (i.e., a free Solo event entry in 2017) to each and every Solo driver that attends the 2016 Annual Banquet.

Additionally, if you are a year end Class Champion, you are also eligible to receive a $20 discount on your entry fee for the Annual Banquet.

Angela Carlascio will be your presenter during the Solo Awards portion of the banquet. We will be giving out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place year end trophies for all drivers who qualified (i.e., had 9 or more points events in the class - see Year End Points). We will also be giving Trevor Renson a special trophy for winning the Top 10 PAX Deland Shootout Championship. (We are still determining what we are going to call that trophy, so message us your ideas). Also, we will be announcing who has earned the distinction of the 2016 Solo Worker Of The Year, at the Worker Luncheon and at the Awards Banquet.

Everybody that attends also gets door prizes, of varying value. In the past, the door prizes will be anything from Sebring Shirts, IMSA Hats, Racing Shoes, Window Nets, Bottles of Champagne, up to really nice prizes like GoPro Cameras. There is also usually a silent auction for some neat items with the benefits going to a chosen charity. For more details, download the flyer HERE So come out to the Awards Banquet and share an evening with lots of folks that share our love of motorsports, receive your trophies, and/or cheer on your friends as they receive their trophies.

Sebring Double Points Event

Well folks; the Sebring "Double Points / Double Participation" event is in the books, and it was a great one. Thanks to a portion of each entry, separate donations, and a CFR SCCA Solo match of the separate donations, our total donation to the GoFundMe for the family of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf will be $500. A very worthy cause for the memory of a member of our SCCA Solo community.

The points have been tallied and all of the results are up. Note that to achieve the "Double Points / Double Entry" for the Sebring, in the year end points and year end PAX results, you will see that Sebring 10/16/16 event has been included twice as Event #17 and Event #18.

Season Points Information

Registration for the Deland Event #19 for November 20, 2016 has been opened on DlbRacing.com. This is the last event of the season for the Central Florida Region SCCA Solo Points Championship.

And a couple of announcements regarding the Year End Championships:

Even though our last event will be Deland, Event #19, we in fact have only had 17 events as Event #4 and Event #11 were cancelled and show as no results. At 17 events, we will be requiring 9 events to qualify for a year end trophy, and anything over that and your worst events will be thrown out to give you a total of 9 counting events.

So if you have participated in only 8 events in a class so far this year, Deland Event #19 is your last opportunity to qualify for a year end trophy.

Also, note that we will be giving trophies to the top three (and only three) qualifying drivers in each class.

And lastly, since at this point nobody will be able to achieve the required 9 events to qualify for year end trophies in the "X" class, we will instead be handing out trophies for the top three qualifiers in the PAX Championship.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Annual Banquet!

Sebring 10/15,16
Very Important Announcement!

It turns out that there has been a mix-up with Sebring regarding our usage of the sight on Saturday 10/15. And as a consequence, we will not be able to have the Saturday portion of our event.

The Sunday 10/16 points event is still on as planned, and it will still be a charity event for the benefit of the family of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf (see my earlier post). This event will now be a "Double Points" event, and will count as two events participation.

The primary reason for changing the now cancelled Saturday event from a practice event to a points event was to enable more folks to qualify for year end trophies, particularly due to the loss of the 10/30 Brooksville event. With the Saturday event cancelled, awarding double points and double participation will allow more people to qualify for end of year trophies.

For those that have prepaid for the Saturday event, refunds will be initiated for the fee for the Saturday event as soon as this post is posted. Of course, for anybody that has prepaid and cannot or does not attend the Sunday event, a full refund will be initiated. As usual, we ask that if you are not going to attend, please cancel your registration on DlbRacing.

One other thought: Also effected by the mix-up is the Saturday night social, which will not be held in the paddock area, but will be held at the Bill Martin building (the SCCA building at Gate 3 of Sebring).

Sorry for any inconvenience that this late adjustment may have caused.

See you this Sunday in Sebring!

SEBRING! Major Announcements!

As we have cancelled the Brooksville 10/30/16 points event due to a schedule conflict with the airport, we have decided that the October Sebring event will be a Points Saturday(Cancelled!), Double Points Sunday, still a double points weekend. That is, two separate "points" events in one day.

Remember, the SCCA Social (in the 12 hour paddock "Hall of Champions") is effected by the above change, see announcement above. There will be free food, free "soft" beverages, and free "adult" beverages (for adults only!).

Additionally, the Humane Society of Highlands County, Sebring, will be presenting its annual TERROR TRAIL, PHOBIA! on Friday and Saturday evening right across the street from Sebring International Raceway. Park at Gate 3 Sebring Raceway. Entry is only $15. This event is not intended for small children! Call 863-214-6508 for info.

Finally, we have decided to make the two day, now one day, Sebring event a charity event, with the designated charity being for the benefit of the family (wife and 6 month old baby son) of Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf, who as you may have heard passed away on September 11th, 2016 from non-competition injuries he sustained while at the 2016 SCCA Solo Nationals Championship at Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a start, we will be donating $6 from each participant entry fee (i.e., $12 for a two day entry). We will also provide an additional $4 times the number of entry fees as matching funds, for the matching of all funds donated at the event. That is we will be donating $6 minimum per entry, up to a total of $10 times the number of entries, matching all additional donations.

If we have time for fun runs after the competition days, we will also collect $2 per fun run which will also be included in our donation to the Rosco family.

For those who are not familiar with Tony "Rosco" Rietdorf,

Here is a link to the GoFundMe Account for his wife and son.

And here is a link to the Official SCCA Statement

Any checks for donations to the wife and son of Tony Rietdorf to be donated at the event should be made out to "CFR SCCA" as the total donation will be made through the club. If you wish to donate directly to the family, we encourage you to use the GoFundMe link given above for that purpose. We will only be able to provide match funds, however, for funds that are donated through CFR SCCA at the October Sebring event.

Brooksville Event Cancelled(10/30/16)
A miscommunication between us and the Brooksville Officials has resulted in them scheduling a "Florida Agriculture and Wildlife Expo" for that weekend.
Timing Issues at OCCC
Okay Folks! The errors from this past Sundays event have been all sorted, and the results are posted, as well as the updates to the Yearly and Yearly PAX results. The issue was a human error (can not blame the software or the hardware), but was easy to correct; albeit very time consuming. It basically effected almost the entire 3rd heat. If you are a trophy winner, look for an email from Steve Marcum in the near future regarding whether you want a trophy or a punch card. NOTE: For classes that have more than 3 trophies, we only award 3 trophies for individual events.
Schedule Changes

As you may have already deduced, we have moved the Deland event from August 21st to July 24th, mainly so we would not have Deland and OCCC on back-to-back weekends in August; but also so we could have an event in an otherwise empty July. And as previously noted, registration is now open for that event.

We have also added an event at Brooksville on Sunday August 7th in Brooksville and registration is open for that event as well. Note that Brooksville has its usual early registration requirements... If you have not been there, or you have a guest that has not been there with CFR SCCA in the past year, you need to register yourself and any guests by Thursday, July 28th so that we can have your name on the advance "list" that we are required to turn in to Brooksville. If you and your guest(s) have been (and your names are on the list), registration will be open till Thursday, August 4th.

Also, registration for our August 27th, 28th event at Orange County Convention Center is open.

Furthermore, stay tuned, as we have some more announcements coming, including one more event in August...

Online registration is required for all CFR SCCA Solo events. Prepayment is also recommended as it makes your morning check-in go much quicker, and generally makes for a smoother running event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Out of consideration for every competitor that makes it to the event, if you are preregistered and find you are not going to make the event, PLEASE cancel your registration via DlbRacing.com prior to closure of online registration (usually the Thursday before the event). This is whether you have prepaid or not. If you simply do not show up on the morning of the event, we can not use the event pre-planning (# of heats, run/work order, and work assignments) that we have already setup prior to the event. And that means we have to re-do this planning and that cannot commence until AFTER on-site registration/check-in is closed. This time consuming task then delays when we can do the Drivers Meeting, which delays the first car out, and ultimately means less runs for each and every driver.

For registration, go to DlbRacing.com.
In the

We have opened a "Test-N-Tune" event on www.dlbracing.com for Saturday, August 6th, at Brooksville. You must preregister and prepay for this, as the attendance will be strictly limited to 30 people to insure everyone gets plenty of "Test-N-Tune" time. We will be using sector timing, and the course will be designed specifically for "Test-N-Tune" purposes.

Being Brooksville, it has the usual Brooksville requirement for advance registration imposed on us by the Brooksville officials.

Also, as for registration, this is being handled as a separate event than the August 7th, Brooksville points event.

See www.dlbracing.comfor more info regarding this event.
Tire Rack Street Survival School
If you have a teenage driver that you would like to be a safer driver, Central Florida Region SCCA, in conjunction with Tire Rack and BMW will be offering a "Tire Rack Street Survival School" (TRSSS) on Saturday, September 17th at Daytona International Speedway. For Details and Registration (registration will NOT be at dlbracing for TRSSS) go to "http://streetsurvival.org/".
Valkaria event scheduled on 6/25/16 has been Cancelled!
As some of you have surely noticed, the DlbRacing.com registration for our planned June 25th Valkaria event has not yet been opened. Well, the truth of the matter is we have been delaying opening registration while waiting for a confirmation of the date from the Valkaria Officials. Due to non-related to us issues that they are in the process of working out, they are not going to be able to host us for this event.

So officially, the 6/25/2016 Valkaria event is without a home and will be cancelled.

They do not believe this will effect our future plans with them, though, so we are looking for dates that work well for both our calendars.

We are also looking into some other events in the late June and July time frame. Meanwhile, we have our upcoming 6/5/16 event at Brooksville. Right now, we are past the date for "SCCA Newcomers" to the Brooksville site, but if you have participated in an SCCA Brooksville event in the past year, you are still welcome to register. By the way, the Brooksville event is at an awesome site; very long, and very grippy concrete. So we enthusiastically encourage you to come on out!

Furthermore, stay tuned regarding future Valkaria events, as well as some potential other events in June and July.

Daytona May 7,8 CFR SCCA Event and SCCA STARTING LINE SCHOOL May 7
We have been granted access to the HUGE parking lot that runs along the back stretch at Daytona International Speedway for our Daytona events. As to "Huge"¯, the available space - not counting grid and paddock space, is as big as our old Geneva main pad (same size as our old Palm Bay pad, Fort Pierce pad, and Tavares pad), the entire OCCC pad, and the DIS Go Kart track area COMBINED!

This site will allow unprecedented course design options for us, including the potential for Nationals Style elements that no other CFR site allows for, as well as run times greater than a minute. Far greater if desired. The site is big enough that it could potentially be used for National Tours, and - dare I say it - SCCA Pro Solos! We are going to get in there and try it as a local event first, though, before we make any decisions regarding anything "bigger"¯.

The site is big enough, that we can hold - in effect - two events at the same time, which we are going to take advantage of by offering both a Starting Line School as well as a CFR SCCA practice event on Saturday, May 7th. The Starting Line School is an amazing opportunity to get autocross instruction from some of the best autocross instructors in the country. Several items are included in the Starting Line Package on top of the day long expert instruction, making a great motorsport value. Go to http://www.scca.com/pages/starting-line for the complete run down, and go to http://www.scca.com/events/1984366-starting-line-daytona for the registration link for this particular event at Daytona.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register for the SCCA Starting Line School by 4/20/16, in addition to the full day of expert instruction and otherwise valuable Starting Line School package, you will get a bonus of an event entry to an SCCA Track Night In America, which alone is worth $150.

This site is accessed differently than the DIS Go Kart track. For the CFR SCCA Practice and Points events, as well as the Starting Line School, you will basically be driving behind the DIS stadium between the stadium and the airport, and access the site via DIS Gate 70 off of "Midway Avenue". Midway Avenue runs between Williamson Blvd, and International Speedway Blvd. At Gate 70, you will sign the waiver and get a wrist band to give you access to the autocross site, as well as the main stadium via DIS Gate 40. There you can watch the Club Racers, or access the Fan Zone. If desired, you will be allowed to camp in the infield for free, or for $20 if you want electric hook-ups. You will not be allowed to camp on the pad where we will be autocrossing, but you will be able to leave your cars/trailers/stuff at the site at your own risk. The site is completely fenced, though, and can only be accessed via gates manned by DIS security staff 24/7.

If you are already registered for the May 7,8 Daytona event, and had your heart absolutely set on the DIS Go Kart track, and you do not want to take the opportunity to run on potentially the best site available in the CFR area, then you can cancel your registration and you will be given a full Credit Card refund. We will be seeking your input - AFTER THE EVENT IS COMPLETED - on what you as our members/participants think of this new site. We look forward to in the future holding events both on this site, as well as the Go Kart track.

Also, if you have already registered for the May 7,8 Daytona event, and would like to attend the Starting Line School, then go to http://www.scca.com/events/1984366-starting-line-daytona register for the school, and cancel your registration for the May 7,8 event on http://www.dlbracing.com/. You will be given a full credit card refund as well, and as part of the Starting Line school, you get a free entry to any of our local events (as well as a lot of other goodies) which if you so desire can be used for our May 8th event.

To Wrap It Up, this site will potentially open up a lot of opportunities for us. In particular, course design flexibility unlike any other site that we have, courses of unprecedented run times for us, and the potential for running two events simultaneously. This includes (if the site and lots of other things work out) the possibility of future SCCA National Tour and/or Pro Solo events. Additionally, DIS has offered the use of this site to CFR SCCA to use even when the CFR SCCA Club Racers are not using the stadium, although it is at a higher cost, and the financial viability of that still needs to be evaluated.

Here is a picture of the site that shows the ingress/egress path, possible paddock, grid, and course area. I have overlaid the outlines of the Geneva main pad, the OCCC North Lot, and the DIS Go Kart track on the potential/available course area showing just how big this site is.


Valkaria June 25
The Valkaria site will be an interesting site that we can use in the South Brevard area. It is grippy asphalt, and a very long site, albeit narrow. We have not made any firm decisions as to exactly how we are going to lay the course out - probably will depend on the # registered - but we have several options that are available to us. We are definitely going to be able to accommodate more paddock and grid space than we used for our trial event, so we believe we can comfortably accommodate 80 to 100 participants at this site. For the time being, our Valkaria events will be limited to the third Saturday of the month on the occasions we use this site. Right now, we are firm on the schedule for June 25th, but we are looking to find another date sometime after September.
OCCC Aug 27, 28
The OCCC event currently shown as tentative for July 9,10 has been moved to Aug 27, 28. That is now a firm date. Aug 27 will be a practice event, and Aug 28 will be a points event.
Daytona TRSSS Sep 17
There will be a Tire Rack Street Survival School (TRSSS) held on Sep 17 on the infield "Truck Pad" and "Skid Pad" as well as the media center for class room work. Registration for the TRSSS is NOT handled via our normal registration method.

For more information on TRSSS, go to http://streetsurvival.org

To register for the Sep 17, 2016 Daytona TRSSS, go to www.motorsportreg.com

Refunds Policy Change
We have decided to change our Refund Policy to one that is much more "friendly" to our members/participants.

Our current policy was instituted to try to get folks to cancel their registration rather than just "no-show". While we still would like to encourage people to register online, and cancel their registration rather than just "no-show", we have decided that it is not in the best interests of our members/participants to not give refunds when they "no-show". In practice, we have been giving refunds - event credit or credit card refund - to all the no shows as well as the cancels simply because it seemed like the right thing to do.

The new policy is going to follow that model (i.e., the right thing to do), unless the event has a hard cap, and that cap is met. So, assuming there is no cap or the cap is not met, we will give full refunds for both cancellations, as well as "no-shows". If there is a hard cap and the cap is met, you will get a refund if you cancel, but if you are a no-show, you will not get a refund as you have in effect reserved a spot that someone else could have used, but could not. This should not be a situation that arises often, as we have generally been keeping our hard caps pretty high, and we have not been hitting them.

In addition to this, for the future, we are going to by default issue credit card refunds as opposed to event credits. This is a change as currently, we issue event credits by default, and only issue a credit card refund if a specific request is made to cfrsolo2@gmail.com. In the future, event credits on DlbRacing.com will only be utilized for various special situations that cannot be handled easily by credit card refund. Note: This is a future going policy: We are not going to wipe the existing event credits that are in the DlbRacing.com "vault" so to speak, and we are not going to turn existing event credits into credit card refunds. If you currently have event credits, they will be available for your future use as needed at checkout on DlbRacing.com.

We believe these changes will better and more fairly serve our members and participants. But note that we still would like to encourage ALL folks to cancel their registrations if they can not make it, rather than just not show up. FWIW, that really makes event setup a lot (and I mean A LOT) easier in so many different ways.

Guest Registration at Brooksville

There currently is no known way via DlbRacing.com for a guest to register at Brooksville, independently of being registered by a driver, and then, only when that driver registers.

This has caused some of our members some issues in the past, and we are going to now allow guest registration via e-mail. So if you have a guest, or would like to attend a Brooksville event as a guest, you can accomplish this now outside of DlbRacing.com by sending an e-mail to cfrsolo2@gmail.com with "GUEST REGISTRATION" and the date of the event, "mm/dd/yyyy", in the subject line, with the name of the guest or guests in the text of the message. We will try to acknowledge each guest registration via a reply e-mail. There is no need or request to "un-register" guests, as guests really have no impact on setup of the event.

Note that the "10-day" list policy that we have to abide by with the Brooksville Officials still applies. That is, both DRIVERS AND ALL GUESTS MUST BE REGISTERED 10 DAYS PRIOR TO the day of the event (usually, two Thursdays prior to the Sunday event). This is to allow us to submit the potential on-site names to the Brooksville Officials 10 days in advance per their requirement.

Daytona Sep 18
To replace the cancelled EFSC event of Sep 18, we will have a points event at Daytona on Sep 18th. Right now, we are going to plan for this to be on the DIS Go Kart track.
On-Site Payments at Brooksville
The required credit card payment at Brooksville is a remnant of the time when we had the hard limit (imposed by Brooksville) of 60 folks on site. Since we have been able to mitigate this hard limit by hiring a security officer, there really is no longer a need for this policy. Accordingly, we have decided to eliminate the Credit Card payment in advance requirement policy at Brooksville to bring it more in line with all our other events.

This will not apply for our coming April 17th event, but will apply for all future events. Within DlbRacing.com, you will have an "At Track" option just like all of our other events.

Note: the 10 day advance registration policy will still be in effect, as that is a requirement for our contract with the Brooksville Officials.

Also note, that we encourage pre-payment!

Event Cancellations at Deland and EFSC
The Mar 20, 2016 Deland event has been cancelled due to a conflict with the 2016 Tire Rack Dixie Championship Tour. We will try to find room in our schedule later in the year to make this event up.

The Jun 26, 2016 EFSC and Sep 18 EFSC events have been cancelled due to an unplanned policy change which has forced the EFSC officials to cease hosting these sorts of events. The EFSC officials are working with us to assist us in finding other venues, and we hope to find suitable sites and dates to make up for these cancelled events.

New Site Proposed at Valkaria Airport
On Feb 20, 2016, CFR SCCA hosted a limited invitation Solo event at the Valkaria Airport in Malabar, Fl. in order to test the viability of using this site for future CFR SCCA Solo events. We ran on a very good surfaced asphalt runway (closed for the day), which provided for a relatively long course (i.e., most runs greater than 66 seconds), albeit fairly narrow. The results for this non-points event have been added to our 2016 Results page. The event ran very well, and has received generally positive reviews from the attendees, as well as positive feedback from the Valkaria Airport officials. We are in discussions regarding future 2016 events using this site. Stay tuned for more updates!
Updated Brooksville Pre-Registration Policy
We are trying something new at our Brooksville site regarding registration requirements and the entry cap. The site-imposed restriction of requiring a list of drivers & guests 10-days prior to the event remains in effect (2/26 @11PM for the 3/8 event), but we are now allowed to submit a super-set list of potential drivers. Therefore if you've attended a CFR event at Brooksville in 2015 as a driver or a guest, you will be on this list. If you have NOT attended a CFR Brooksville event in 2015, you must register before the 10-day deadline. Our event listing for March 8th has been updated as follows:

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to site restrictions from the Airport, all drivers and guests who have not attended an SCCA Event at Brooksville in 2015 must pre-register and pre-pay for this event no later than Thursday, February 26th. There will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. Drivers must register using the "Registration" link below. Drivers, you must register your guests in DLB as you register for the event.

NEW REGISTRATION POLICY, CFR SCCA is trying something new:

(1) The event cap has been raised to 100 drivers and there is no longer a cap on guests (they must still be on the list).

(2) If you have attended a Brooksville event this year (IOW, you were on the gate list), you must still register online, but you can register as late as the Thursday prior to the event.

(3) If you register online AFTER the 10-days prior cut-off AND YOU WERE NOT ALREADY ON THE GATE LIST, your registration WILL BE DELETED and you will NOT BE PERMITTED to enter the gate.

 Old News
Permanent CFR Number Selection

Permanent numbers can now be reserved for the year on DLB by selecting this link Simply select your number and class. Reserved numbers are on a first come first serve basis. Please pre-register for events to help speed up the registration process in the morning and also to make sure we have your correct information.

You should also check to verify that your SCCA membership is up to date for 2014. You can verify your membership on DLB by selecting "Account Settings" --> "Club Memberships" tab on the DLB page. Enter your SCCA number and choose Central Florida Region SCCA and click the "verify" button. This allows you to pre-pay with the SCCA membership rates.

2015 trophy rules and schedule are now available, see sidebar!

Welcome! Your official website for Sports Car Club of America sponsored Autocross and all racing Solo in and around the Central Florida area. For more information on SCCA Solo, Club Racing, and Rallycross, visit the SCCA website at www.scca.org. If you are not yet familiar with Autocross then read a short description of Solo here.

As was the case last year, do not forget to bring your driver's license and SCCA membership card to each event.

CFR Locals Bring It!